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has died *_*
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Hello, I haven't been here for ages.
It's surprising to see that people still come to my page and look at my old artworks...
It's embarrasing to see how much I sucked xP
Yet I wouldn't be able to tell you that I've improved.
I guess I've just moved on from my "otaku"-ish phase.

However, I plan to continue art.
Even though I had pretty much given up on it, I realized that it was a passion, and that I enjoyed it.

I was accepted to SVA, the School of Visual Arts in New York, and I plan to go there.
I'm planning to major in Graphic Design.
I'm still considering Illustration, but I think Graphic Design would be better for my future (aka getting a job).
So that's where I'm at right now.

I was pretty busy drawing for my portfolio for the college applications, and I tried new things while doing so.
I did life-drawing with charcoal (drawing nekkid people! lol), acrylics, still life, paper cut-outs.... etc etc. It was fun =]

So I can't say I haven't been drawing. Just not manga/anime-ish like I used to.
But I want to continue improving in all areas so I might as well start again =]

I don't really want to delete my old pictures because there was so much work put into it, and there are so many comments and favs on them.
But I think a fresh start would be nice as well...
Maybe I'll make a new account. I'm pretty sick of this old account name.

But in someway, I want to start interacting with other artists again =]
It would be great to have some support!

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submitted 3 pieces of crap, will scrap later when I feel it necessary =] I also scrapped a whole buncha shit that was in my gallery... but I dont wanna delete them u know? lol so yeah in the scraps for now.

I haven't done anything decent these days. And I don't have a computer cuz mine broke... so I'm hoping to get a new one. so yeah, no CGs for like. a long time. I got more copics... and have been playing around with them, but I just cant get them to work the way I want it. I think I need like special blending paper or something.... I was looking thru my old pics and saw that some pics where I used colored pencils n stuff were better than the ones I have done recently with copics... I guess I shouldnt rely on copics too much.

Recently read Death Note 8... gahh!!! I miss L.... I want more action... Near is cool too tho... gahh hurry up and come out volume 9!!
Also into NANA kind of... more the movie than the manga, but yeah. I wanna draw that punk style, I think its awesome.

School stresses me out. a lot. I'm gonna go scream now. bbai.
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to those of you who still have me on their list... hello.

its been a really loooong time.... lol I always say that don't I.
Well I haven't been drawing all year, but today, suddenly I picked up my pencil again lol. And I've realized that I want more copics. Maybe if I buy more I'll draw more. I think they're more fun than CGing, and plus is sooooo much easier and faster. Also, my computer is broken right now... it wont turn on!! soo.... I dont know if it will recover... meaning I might lose all my data and programs... which really sucks. so maybe I'll take some pics with my camera.

I just came back from Japan. Sadly, I left on the day the Comic Market began. I watched the FMA movie... it was AWESOME. something about that series... I just love it. the music by L'arc is amazing as usual, that song "Link" is a biiig hit in Japan right now. Also, I bought 1~7 of Death Note.... gosh I'm in love. it's so smart.... and gorgeous art. Must draw fanart. At the book store I saw that HxH 22 was finally out. Its been a while since I read HxH, it was nice seeing the Ryodan (with Karuto!) again, but not much of Killua sadly. Hoping he'll have a bigger role in the next volume.

Yeahh soo like I always say, some more art coming maybe...
but I was reading some old journal entries of other ppl and it seems like there was a whole big issue on something yellow?? lol anyone wanna explain to me what that was about??

anyways, tootles <33
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heyy people. wow I'm updating!! I dunno if its a good thing or not, but I think I got that wanting-to-draw feeling back. Like for the longest time I reeeally didnt care, didnt draw at all, not even doodles at school!! *gasp* but recently I've been doing it again, and like this week all of a sudden started drawing again. weeird. anyways other than that marker thing I just submitted, I am working on a CG (for Lasaso:heart:) but I dunno how long its gonna take lol. So you'll see it some time or another. Sooo yeah. just dropping by to say HI :D

ohh. btw I am officially hooked on Full Metal Alchemist, as everyone else is lol. gosh its SOOO good!! I can't WAIT to see the movie in Japan this summer >w<:heart: Now that I actually know who and what kind of person Ed is.... haha I can laugh at that old oekaki I drew of him, which I based on my friend's view of him.... as a total uke in the RoyxEd pairing lol. Other than that, I still haven't seen BLEACH... or Tsubasa, though I've been reading the manga. Also watching a bit of Naruto... gahh I havent read 26 yet. Oh and I'm still Fruits Basket High:heart: I also re-read HxH... its always good. Prince of Tennis too, now that I'm playing tennis more seriously. I've been goofing around, trying to spin the ball and hitting underhand but yeah right like its gonna disappear like Fuji's lol. and hitting with my left hand... haha thats always fun.

aanyways, thats about it. gosh it's 2:46am already... good thing for spring break =D have a nice day everyone.

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heyy I just got back from Maui, Hawaii. Unlike the freeeezing weather here in Seattle, it was like summer in hawaii. There were xmas trees and lights everywhere, but it just doesn't feel like winter when its so warm and sunny. I spent so much money on gifts and stuff.... but I still have some saved for after x'mas sales !!! gosh I dunno why but I'm so excited for it. I just wanna shop and buy new clothes I guess.

Anyways, I remember last year at this time... I was so addicted to DA, drawing, anime and stuff like that. I went around to all my friends' DA pages and left a greeting. So weird how it all changed. now I barely submit (though I still comment and look at art), and I barely even draw or CG. I've gotten soooo lazy and am such a mess. I have few friends (or ppl that i talk to) on DA and don't interact as much.

Despite all this, art will always be a hobby of mine and so I guess I'll post if I have anything. So yeah, from this loner to you all,

HAPPY HOLIDAYS!! luv yaz! :heart:

I DO have ideas and pics that I wanna draw, but I dunno if I'll ever get to it. And I still owe people pics, and you WILL get it from me!! eventually. I PROMISE:heart:

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