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to those of you who still have me on their list... hello.

its been a really loooong time.... lol I always say that don't I.
Well I haven't been drawing all year, but today, suddenly I picked up my pencil again lol. And I've realized that I want more copics. Maybe if I buy more I'll draw more. I think they're more fun than CGing, and plus is sooooo much easier and faster. Also, my computer is broken right now... it wont turn on!! soo.... I dont know if it will recover... meaning I might lose all my data and programs... which really sucks. so maybe I'll take some pics with my camera.

I just came back from Japan. Sadly, I left on the day the Comic Market began. I watched the FMA movie... it was AWESOME. something about that series... I just love it. the music by L'arc is amazing as usual, that song "Link" is a biiig hit in Japan right now. Also, I bought 1~7 of Death Note.... gosh I'm in love. it's so smart.... and gorgeous art. Must draw fanart. At the book store I saw that HxH 22 was finally out. Its been a while since I read HxH, it was nice seeing the Ryodan (with Karuto!) again, but not much of Killua sadly. Hoping he'll have a bigger role in the next volume.

Yeahh soo like I always say, some more art coming maybe...
but I was reading some old journal entries of other ppl and it seems like there was a whole big issue on something yellow?? lol anyone wanna explain to me what that was about??

anyways, tootles <33
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You're so lucky to see the hagaren movie XD Is Hunter x Hunter an ongoing manga? I have only seen the anime...