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submitted 3 pieces of crap, will scrap later when I feel it necessary =] I also scrapped a whole buncha shit that was in my gallery... but I dont wanna delete them u know? lol so yeah in the scraps for now.

I haven't done anything decent these days. And I don't have a computer cuz mine broke... so I'm hoping to get a new one. so yeah, no CGs for like. a long time. I got more copics... and have been playing around with them, but I just cant get them to work the way I want it. I think I need like special blending paper or something.... I was looking thru my old pics and saw that some pics where I used colored pencils n stuff were better than the ones I have done recently with copics... I guess I shouldnt rely on copics too much.

Recently read Death Note 8... gahh!!! I miss L.... I want more action... Near is cool too tho... gahh hurry up and come out volume 9!!
Also into NANA kind of... more the movie than the manga, but yeah. I wanna draw that punk style, I think its awesome.

School stresses me out. a lot. I'm gonna go scream now. bbai.
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Ugh, school.
But yeah, I wanna see some more Nana art! and NANA art from Nana wouldn't be bad, either. XP Man, that sucks about your computer. Hope you get a new one soon.