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Hello, I haven't been here for ages.
It's surprising to see that people still come to my page and look at my old artworks...
It's embarrasing to see how much I sucked xP
Yet I wouldn't be able to tell you that I've improved.
I guess I've just moved on from my "otaku"-ish phase.

However, I plan to continue art.
Even though I had pretty much given up on it, I realized that it was a passion, and that I enjoyed it.

I was accepted to SVA, the School of Visual Arts in New York, and I plan to go there.
I'm planning to major in Graphic Design.
I'm still considering Illustration, but I think Graphic Design would be better for my future (aka getting a job).
So that's where I'm at right now.

I was pretty busy drawing for my portfolio for the college applications, and I tried new things while doing so.
I did life-drawing with charcoal (drawing nekkid people! lol), acrylics, still life, paper cut-outs.... etc etc. It was fun =]

So I can't say I haven't been drawing. Just not manga/anime-ish like I used to.
But I want to continue improving in all areas so I might as well start again =]

I don't really want to delete my old pictures because there was so much work put into it, and there are so many comments and favs on them.
But I think a fresh start would be nice as well...
Maybe I'll make a new account. I'm pretty sick of this old account name.

But in someway, I want to start interacting with other artists again =]
It would be great to have some support!

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nanaaaa <33333
where'd you goo T__T
wow you're going to art school that's great news!
i'd love to see you drawing like. pro stuff XD
well i haven't been back in ages either so i wanted to check up on you! ^^
hxh love forever :heart:
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Hey there! :O

I'm sorry I never continued the letter-sending thing. I'm so bad with stuff like that.

So you're going to New York, huh? That's awesome. I bet you do really well in whatever you choose to do... and I hope you upload lots of that art soon! =D

<3 Ashley
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Hey welcome back! Grats on getting into a good school! Even though you arent going to school for illustration it's definitely a good thing to still draw in fun anime style XD I am an art student too, and I do realistic style for school most often. I think its best to be able to have fun doing several different types of art..otherwise it gets boring >_<
Anyway, I <3 your old art, so please let us know if you decide to make a new account because I'd like to keep watching your arts! ^_^ <3!
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OMG you sound just like me :D I pretty much gave up on art 2 years ago but decided to go for it in college (and now I'm loving). I'm also doing life drawing (gestures/blind contours/bulking/massing). I was planning to take Graphic Designs and Animations before but considering Illustration or Digital Media Arts now :) I hope you get that craving back and GRATS on getting accepted to that art school :) Follow your dreams! Just a word of advice - don't go for animation since that'll kill your love for art, unless you wanna draw every damn day for several hundred hours ^^; I've been told it's like a sweatshop that won't let you use your creativity.

But hey, nice to hear from you again and good luck in the future :D I hope to see your new works on this site! Even if it's non-Anime/manga style :D Lol hell, I'm trying to do classical animation style/realism
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congrats on getting to a course you wanted! ^^
graphics design is complicated yet interesting at the same time XD
and hope to see more art from you soon then :)
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Ganbareeeeee! *throws confetti* Uh, wait. Maybe I shouldn't say it in Japanese, what?

Good luck with your Fresh Start, everybody needs it once in a while. *thumbs up* Besides =D you're the first person I know to get over the Anime/Manga obsession =D If you make a new account, make sure you tell. I'll enjoy every work ^^
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