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submitted 3 pieces of crap, will scrap later when I feel it necessary =] I also scrapped a whole buncha shit that was in my gallery... but I dont wanna delete them u know? lol so yeah in the scraps for now.

I haven't done anything decent these days. And I don't have a computer cuz mine broke... so I'm hoping to get a new one. so yeah, no CGs for like. a long time. I got more copics... and have been playing around with them, but I just cant get them to work the way I want it. I think I need like special blending paper or something.... I was looking thru my old pics and saw that some pics where I used colored pencils n stuff were better than the ones I have done recently with copics... I guess I shouldnt rely on copics too much.

Recently read Death Note 8... gahh!!! I miss L.... I want more action... Near is cool too tho... gahh hurry up and come out volume 9!!
Also into NANA kind of... more the movie than the manga, but yeah. I wanna draw that punk style, I think its awesome.

School stresses me out. a lot. I'm gonna go scream now. bbai.
to those of you who still have me on their list... hello.

its been a really loooong time.... lol I always say that don't I.
Well I haven't been drawing all year, but today, suddenly I picked up my pencil again lol. And I've realized that I want more copics. Maybe if I buy more I'll draw more. I think they're more fun than CGing, and plus is sooooo much easier and faster. Also, my computer is broken right now... it wont turn on!! soo.... I dont know if it will recover... meaning I might lose all my data and programs... which really sucks. so maybe I'll take some pics with my camera.

I just came back from Japan. Sadly, I left on the day the Comic Market began. I watched the FMA movie... it was AWESOME. something about that series... I just love it. the music by L'arc is amazing as usual, that song "Link" is a biiig hit in Japan right now. Also, I bought 1~7 of Death Note.... gosh I'm in love. it's so smart.... and gorgeous art. Must draw fanart. At the book store I saw that HxH 22 was finally out. Its been a while since I read HxH, it was nice seeing the Ryodan (with Karuto!) again, but not much of Killua sadly. Hoping he'll have a bigger role in the next volume.

Yeahh soo like I always say, some more art coming maybe...
but I was reading some old journal entries of other ppl and it seems like there was a whole big issue on something yellow?? lol anyone wanna explain to me what that was about??

anyways, tootles <33
heyy people. wow I'm updating!! I dunno if its a good thing or not, but I think I got that wanting-to-draw feeling back. Like for the longest time I reeeally didnt care, didnt draw at all, not even doodles at school!! *gasp* but recently I've been doing it again, and like this week all of a sudden started drawing again. weeird. anyways other than that marker thing I just submitted, I am working on a CG (for Lasaso:heart:) but I dunno how long its gonna take lol. So you'll see it some time or another. Sooo yeah. just dropping by to say HI :D

ohh. btw I am officially hooked on Full Metal Alchemist, as everyone else is lol. gosh its SOOO good!! I can't WAIT to see the movie in Japan this summer >w<:heart: Now that I actually know who and what kind of person Ed is.... haha I can laugh at that old oekaki I drew of him, which I based on my friend's view of him.... as a total uke in the RoyxEd pairing lol. Other than that, I still haven't seen BLEACH... or Tsubasa, though I've been reading the manga. Also watching a bit of Naruto... gahh I havent read 26 yet. Oh and I'm still Fruits Basket High:heart: I also re-read HxH... its always good. Prince of Tennis too, now that I'm playing tennis more seriously. I've been goofing around, trying to spin the ball and hitting underhand but yeah right like its gonna disappear like Fuji's lol. and hitting with my left hand... haha thats always fun.

aanyways, thats about it. gosh it's 2:46am already... good thing for spring break =D have a nice day everyone.

heyy I just got back from Maui, Hawaii. Unlike the freeeezing weather here in Seattle, it was like summer in hawaii. There were xmas trees and lights everywhere, but it just doesn't feel like winter when its so warm and sunny. I spent so much money on gifts and stuff.... but I still have some saved for after x'mas sales !!! gosh I dunno why but I'm so excited for it. I just wanna shop and buy new clothes I guess.

Anyways, I remember last year at this time... I was so addicted to DA, drawing, anime and stuff like that. I went around to all my friends' DA pages and left a greeting. So weird how it all changed. now I barely submit (though I still comment and look at art), and I barely even draw or CG. I've gotten soooo lazy and am such a mess. I have few friends (or ppl that i talk to) on DA and don't interact as much.

Despite all this, art will always be a hobby of mine and so I guess I'll post if I have anything. So yeah, from this loner to you all,

HAPPY HOLIDAYS!! luv yaz! :heart:

I DO have ideas and pics that I wanna draw, but I dunno if I'll ever get to it. And I still owe people pics, and you WILL get it from me!! eventually. I PROMISE:heart:

:D :heart:
Now that school has started, so have my endless amount of doodles. I can't help it. When we're taking notes, correcting hw, listening to lectures, etc, I just draw random things all over my paper. Ranges from a million hearts :heart: to a full body pic, depends on my mood and how much space i have XD I'm sure a lot of other people do this too?? hehe but its just all rakugaki, all worthless junk :3

I just borrowed Fruits Basket (manga) from a friend and I'm so in love :heart::heart: I've actually seen some of the first episodes in anime a long time ago in japan, but never got a chance to read the manga. its SO funny!! my fav's Kyou, I just looove tereya de kakkoii charas >w<//:heart: kyawaii~!!! and cats are my fav animals =^w^=

umm... well stuff I'm working/trying to get to right now:
-Sailor Scouts commission #2
-Kirireq for SHF
-Kirireq for Sammi chan
-Killua trade with Lasaro (ToT;; sorry!!
-Naruto trade with ouzy

and gifts in planning for:

Have a super day :D I know I won't... schoolwork x_X;;


clubs & friends

NOT accepting trades or requests!! too busy, sorry :(
[edit] DONE!! TwT;;
skipped through so many tho. sorry!! ;o;
now i gotta start uploading... i have a few that i could so i will soon. :D

i currently have 390 deviations, and a ton of messages and comments to check on. i won't be able to get to all of them but I'll try to get most ><;;

i can't believe school starts in 3 days. (T_T;;
i'm SO not ready.

[edit] how come my journal wasn't working?? o_O;;
and now it shows up... whatever.

i suck at tongue-twisters. esp japanese ones.
does anyone know any good ones?

I'm officially 15 as of today.
already. 15. o_o もぅ15。

sorry for not commenting, i was in japan for a good while. i have a mill of messages to check.... later.
too lazy... and it takes forever to click everything.
maybe i'll buy myself a subscription.
have too much to say. i'll do it later.

sorry!! ,2,b,n,E,3,Y

Sat Jun 5, 2004, 11:36 PM
thank you for all the comments, favs and watches!!
i really appreciate them!! :heart::heart:

sorry..... again I have failed to update on a regular basis. Right now I'm frustrated cuz I had written a lot of stuff in a journal earlier, but got called down for "dinner" early to be lectured on about how I don't help around the house at all... and my pc does this weird thing of shutting down so I lost everything ToT

anyways... I decided to write a journal entry before my subscription expires is... 3 days ;o; I really enjoyed it, thanks vrxtiamat!!

I have a lot I'm working on/have to work on.... hopefully I'll have more time soon because school's almost over TwT but guess whats coming up..... FINALS. yes the thing that everyone hates. and I've been screwing around SO much, I seriously gotta get studying >< *sigh*

Its so... scary and depressing to see everyone's art improve SOO much. Its like I'm totally being left behind.... I seriously havent CGed in a long time, gosh I hate the way i draw and color ToT everyone keeps gettin better and better, and I can't keep up. *sigh* gotta learn to get rid of my laziness.

We just got our yearbooks yesterday!! we were all looking forward to it SO much!! nobody was paying attention in class. man I look SO friggin retarded tho!! >< i still had that long boring straight hair and ugly too small red glasses. and the other pic I'm in is for anime club, and they took a pic of me drawing (cough just holding the pencil over a previous pic) and put in this LAAAME quote ></// yeah I like anime but like... it just sounds lame u know??garr*blush* and the other one's in tennis... i'm looking down holding a bagel on my finger trying to get cream cheese out of the package >o<;;

SUMMER: I'm going to Japan again!! we were debating whether I should stay till aug 13~15 cuz thats when then comiket's gonna be held... but I'm goin there early to go to school so I'm not staying that long. I'm leacing June 25 and coming back Aug 3rd. Will anyone else be in Japan this summer?? I can't WAIT to go!! I'm a lil afraid of school tho,  I'll be in chuu 3, I probably won't understand anything >o<;; the only class I'm looking forward to is English!! XD (still has the "this is a pen" image) but Japan's schools are so strict... like no accessories, no make up xoX;; anyways I'm gonna spend SOOO much money. I dunno how I'm gonna get all that.... from my bank account probably. gosh there's SO much stuff I wanna buy!! ><
ƒLƒƒ["ú–{‚ɍs‚­‚Ì'Ò‚Ä‚È‚¢II"ƒ‚¢‚½‚¢‚à‚Ì‚ ‚è‚·‚¬I‚¨‹à‚È‚¢‚ñ‚¾‚¯‚ǂˁBBBB‚Ç‚¤‚É‚©‚Ȃ邳I—F'B‚Æ‚©‚É‚à‰ï‚¤‚ÌŠy‚µ‚݁I¡‰ñ‚̓Rƒ~ƒPs‚¯‚È‚¢‚¯‚ǁA'ÌŒ±"üŠw‚·‚é‚ñ‚¾‚µI™

well thats summer. right now.... school!! garr... I am SO in need of money here too!!! I hadn't gone shopping for the longest time, and I was FINALLY able to go last week with my friend Jenny, and I spend SO much!! my mom gave me $50 (she hasn't given me ANY money for like forever) and i spent all that.... bought some really cute tops. I wanted something really cute and girly for once... they're kinda skimpy tho ><// what I was looking for was some kind of white jacket, and I found the perfect cute lil one!!! but I was outta money by that time ToT and I can't wear those tops to school without a jacket!! and the ones I have dun match at all ;o; man life sucks.

and speaking of money, I think I lost, or someone stole, my dad's new digicam ToT I brought it to school for a few days, and later when my dad asked for it, it wasn't in my backpack!! ><;; I feel SOO guilty. It cost like $200. i dont have money to pay him back... >< so.... Imma practice drawing/CGing a ton after schools over and maybe some people would like to spare a few bucks on this lil LOSER??? ToT gosh I hate myself.

friends & clubs

thank you for visiting!! luv ya:heart:
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Yes like everyone else I'm making a seperate journal for the love/club icons. gotta organize myself somehow.

I am keeping this list to the most MINIMAL I can have. I interact with MANY people here on DA and I really can't draw a line between really close friends, friends, etc... i luv you all :heart: so please don't feel bad if you're not listed here ;_; So yeah, this is the minimum. These are the people I chat with almost every week, or even more. Or, people that have just been super kind to me, etc etc:heart:

people that are super special no order

:iconittami: :icona-z-a-m-i: :iconlasaro: :icon54tan: :iconshirogane: :iconyuki-tounoin: :iconpai-chan: :icondeathscythe02: :iconkirukura: :iconhakaichou: :iconvrxtiamat: :iconchunkymunkie7jp: :iconakinokaede: :iconnishikaze: :iconeyesofcrimson: :iconfoxiliary: :iconastarothe:

hope I didn't forget people...

:iconinsomnia-club: :iconanime-club: :iconmini-chibi-club: :icondbzfanclub: :iconsaiya-jingeneration: :iconsaiyajinpride: :iconfemalesaiya-jins: :iconhiei-
club: :iconyyh-club: :iconjump-club: :iconhunterfanclub: :icongeneiryodan: :iconglomp-inc: :iconw-indsloversinc: :iconjpopchamp: :iconanime-artists: :iconanimefanart: :iconredheadedbishies: :icongo-gaia: :icondisciples-of-hiromi-: :iconkirukura-fans: :iconkurot-fans: :iconlasaro-lovers: :iconmrslothfans: :iconw-inds-fan:

nagareta namida... hagareta sugata...

Sun Mar 28, 2004, 1:48 AM
...what does this header do o.O;; don't mind the title... just a random phrase from the song (pieces) i was listening to when i was typing ^^; but i really like that line... if you know what it means...

after a long period of dead-ness on DA... i finally decided to post  >< so sorry i haven't been active... i've only been commenting like half of what i usually do... don't feel bad if i didn't get to ur art TT i'm just such a lazy ass...

anyways first of all i wanna thank :iconvrxtiamat: for buying me a subscription ;0;  :heart::hug::heart: i mean he could have spent his money to buy himself a longer subscription or a manga or ice cream or a banana but noo he chose to buy one for ME TwT out of all people meee TT .....i luv you~~~:heart:

man i haven't written here for the longest time i dunno where to begin... well ok if you reeeeelly wanna see some pics i'm not posting here click below~~… used for icon. done early this year on a postcard with colored pencils and markers… of killua :heart: i actually like this one, he looks really... sweet :heart: quick sketch done in OC… oekaki of Jinta and Ururu from Bleach. i realized later that i spelled Jinta wrong ^^;

theres also the pic thats linked from the pic description if u wanna see that. and thats about it.

i also have a new LJ and xanga now. on both, my username is nana77. i'm so sick of panchan77. anyways i'll probably be posting the same thing on both. i have both cuz a lot of my online friends have LJ and my friends in LA have xanga. still might be messin with the layout.… &nbs…
I'll try and update those more often than this so check that out if you're bored. add me to ur friends list or leave propz or whatever, i'll make sure to comment you back ^^

if you're on gaia, my username is nanacchi. i'm not that active on gaia... i just wanna get clothes ><  but i dont have that much gold so i wanna do like a lil commission shop but i have too much to draw right now... *sigh* look for that in the future ^^

gosh i feel SOOO messed up these days. i'm such an awful person. it's a really long story.... mostly about my bad habits with schoolwork etc. seriously, i am so screwed. "OMFG I AM SOOOO SCREWED WTH AM I GONNA DOOOO" and totally freaking out is part of my everyday life now. i freakin hate myself, everything about myself. *sigh* don't wanna ramble on about this here too much, i'll try to write more on my LJ/xanga. i'll try to have my everyday life stuff there and write about art err whatever else here. so... ttfn

‚Á‚Ÿ‚ ‚Æ‚¿‚å‚Á‚Æ‚Å"ú–{Œê‚ŏ'‚­‚Ì–Y‚ê‚é‚Æ‚±‚¾‚Á‚½B‚¦‚¥‚Æ‚Ü‚Ÿ–ˆ"ú‚Ì"Y‚Ý‚Æ‚©‚ÍLJ‚Æxanga‚ɏ'‚«‚Ü‚·‚̂ŁA‚à‚µƒqƒ}‚Å‚µ‚½‚ç‚‚܂ñ‚È‚¢ƒbƒX‚¯‚Ç"Ç‚ñ‚Å‚¢‚Á‚Ä‚­‚¾‚³‚¢B‚à‚§¡‚ÍŽ©•ª‚ª'匙‚¢‚Å‚½‚Ü‚è‚Ü‚¹‚ñB‚È‚ñ‚Å‚±‚ñ‚ȂɈ«‚¢Žq‚È‚ñ‚¾‚낤B‚Ù‚ñ‚Á‚ƂɃoƒJB‚à‚§ƒoƒJƒoƒJƒoƒJƒoƒJƒoƒJƒoƒJƒoƒJIIII‚s‚s

i'll add the club icons later
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‚ ‚½‚µ–{"–‚Ƀƒ"ƒhƒNƒTƒKƒŠƒ„‚É‚È‚Á‚¿‚á‚Á‚āAh'è‚Æ‚©‚º‚ñ‡A‚â‚Á‚Ä‚È‚­‚āAƒzƒ"ƒg‚Ƀ„ƒ"ƒ@ƒC‚Ì‚Å‚·ƒÍ@


‚ ‚Ƃ͐"Šw‚ªƒ„ƒ"ƒ@ƒCƒÍ@h'è‚â‚Á‚Ä‚È‚¢‚̂ʼn½‚à‚í‚©‚ç‚È‚­‚Ä‚¥
'O‚à‚±‚¤Œ¾‚Á‚ĂāA'‹‹x‚Ý‚É‹³‰È'ƒ_ƒ@`ƒb‚Á‚ÆŒ©‚āAƒNƒCƒY‚P‚O‚O"‚¾‚Á‚½‚ñ‚Å‚·I‚ ‚ê‚Í–{"–‚É‚Ñ‚Á‚­‚肾‚Á‚½‚ȃ́@‚ ‚½‚µƒXƒSƒCI‚Á‚ÄŠ´‚¶‚ŁiÎj@‚Å‚à¡‰ñ‚Í‚¿‚ª‚¤‚́Iƒ}ƒW‚Ń„ƒoƒ@`ƒbII‚ ‚Ÿ‚±‚ñ‚È‚Ì'Å‚Á‚Ä‚È‚¢‚ŕ׋­‚·‚ê‚΂¢‚¢‚̂ɁEEE'S'Rƒ„ƒ‹‹C–³‚¢ƒÍ@‚È‚ñ‚Å‚ ‚½‚µ‚±‚¤‚È‚Á‚¿‚á‚Á‚½‚ñƒ_ƒƒH`ƒbôiŽ€

‚ ‚ÆŠGEEE–{"–‚ɐ‚µ‚킯‚È‚¢‚Å‚·iTT
‚Ü‚¾ƒgƒŒ[ƒh‚Æ‚©ƒŠƒN‚Å•`‚©‚È‚¢‚Æ‚¢‚¯‚È‚¢‚Ì‚½‚­‚³‚ñ‚ ‚é‚Ì‚É‚È‚ñ‚©'S'R•`‚¯‚È‚­‚āEEE'¼‚Ì‚±‚Æ‚É‹C‚ª‚¿‚Á‚¿‚á‚Á‚āEEE‚²‚ß‚ñ‚È‚³‚¢@iŽ€

‚ ‚Á‚¦‚Á‚Æ‚P‚OKƒLƒŠ"Ô‚ð"¥‚ñ‚¾‚̂̓Tƒ~ƒB[‚¿‚á‚ñ‚Å‚µ‚½IiEyesOfCrimson)

‚ ‚Æ‚È‚ñ‚©‚ ‚Á‚½‚Á‚¯EEEE‚¤`‚ñ‚Á‚ƁEEEE


yet again i apologize for my inactiveness.... i come here almost everyday but post nothing.... actually i have a few pics i *could* post but i'm not gonna XP  i'm finally on 2nd winter break now, yes our school has 2. lucky us XD i dunno where i left off.... heritage project went well, finals didn't go to well but its ok, i have a really bad habit of not working.... gahh i have like 5 days of math homework that i have to do!!! i'm such a retard..... and yesterday for v-day (cuz we dun have school on sat obviously) JENNY is such a great friend and got me a gram >< the thing is she always helps us with science hw *cough*letsuscopy*cough* and she's just always so nice and me and Thea never get to do anything for her so we bought the lil rose chocolate thingers (2 for $1 XD) and gave them to her at lunch cuz we're such losers ^^; and ERIN another sweetie gave me a FLOWER at 6th per >< she always gets me something and ive never gotten her anything and it was her 17th birthday this week and i got a present but i forgot to bring it to school x_X;; again i'm such a loser.

omg i got braces. the second day hurt like HELL. i still can't talk right, i have cuts all over my tongue and it really hurts. and the food gets stuck everywhere. *sigh*

also thanks to jebbles i got oc3!! it's totally awesome. except cuz of my crappy tablet.... when i try to draw a line it like doesnt work right >< and Lasaro sent me oc1 to paintchat.... but it's not working right >< always messes up and gives me an error. would anyone know what's wrong?? i wanna paintchat with everybody!! i also got msn so now i have that and aim. so send my an IM if u have something to say ^^

my dad went to Japan and he got me the w-inds. album i asked for. he got the shokaiban but he didnt get the poster calendar and stuff!!! T__T i so wanted them. in luv with w-inds. now. and looking at the lyrics i laughed at myself. like for Super Lover, the beginning part and stuff, i had no idea what they were saying. "aino hana sakukana do you wanna aint no wana" LOL i really have to look at official lyrics more often ^^;

Retarded story #1 I CAN'T EVEN MAKE POPCORN!!
ok so a while ago it was like.... 10 pm or something? i got hungry. XD  and i found a bag of the microwave popcorn. and so i decided to make myself popcorn. I put it in the microwave... and watched the bag get bigger and bigger.... afraid of it being burnt, when it got to it's maximum size i took it out. cut it open, and found only half of them popped (obviously). and so~ i got a stapler and stapled the opened side closed. and put it back in the microwave. i was like *this time i will NOT take it out till the time's up!* and being stupid lil me i punched in the same time. i waited till there was no more popping and the microwave beeped. so i opened and....... a horrible stinky burnt smell came out..... i opened the bag and they were all shrunken and black and disgusting. i dug through and only found a few edible pieces XD that horrible smell filled the whole house for the rest of the night. i am SUCH a retard.

i have a lil habit of cutting my own bangs. i so suck XD like i'd try to make it look like the models' hair in ST and stuff... like today, i looked at the picture, one piece went right between her eyes. so, i wet my hair to straighten everything out... and cut it right there. and then i dry my hair and.... obviously it's shorter. i am SUCH a retard, i should know that it poofs up when my hair dries ^^;;; i always do stupid things like this but after a while i like it ^^; then it grows too long and i cut it again and it keeps goin around ><

and OMG i found out something totally great for me!!!!!!! but i can't write it here.... YET

remember kiriban at 10,000 pageviews! send me screencap and u will get to request something ^^ i know i have a WHOOOOOLLE lot i owe people i'm so sorry but i promise i'll get them done.

ughh sorry for all the rambles and no posting ^^; maybe i'll scribble a v-day pic... i dunno.
sorry i have'nt been posting anything for a.... long time. heh my last journal entry was before x'mas o_O;;  i come to DA everyday (unless i dun turn on my pc which is really unusual but sometimes i just fall asleep ^^; ) and i try to comment on all the ppl i watch... *sigh* i was so busy for a while

mah life:

--i had this HUGE heritage project for english. FINALLY over. i did the display board in 4 hours, from 2-6 am ^^; it turned out pretty well tho! XD i wore a kimono to the heritage night, where all the 9th graders displayed their projects. we were supposed to dress nicely or wear somethin related to heritage.... i wore a kimono :D dud i couldnt move in that thing lol chou medattetana ///  and the speech for that is over too... i always screw up on speeches >< i get all nervous and start talkin real fast and don't make sense ^^;

--FINALS next week.... T__T *dies*

--didn't go to school on friday... just didn't feel like it.... atashi tte nigete bakkari.... iroiro taihen sugite, nanka zenbu kara nigetaku natte.... ha~ tuesday taihendana... hw mo test mo zenzen yattenai kara... doushiyo mou maji shinitai hodo yabai x_X;;

--i got contacts :D they freakin take FOREVER to put on tho. my left one goes on real fast... my right is like refusing to stick to my eye x_x  i'm all rushing like stabbing it into my eye but it wun go in ><

--bad news... gonna have to get braces + rubber bands this monday!! T__T *idunwanemidunwanem!!* *dies*

--FINALLY watched kouhaku ><  i loved it. great start with Boa. and w-inds!!! :love: they were so cute!!! :heart::heart::heart:  CHO~ KAWAEE~!! i'm so lovin them!! and exile!! omg it waws so awesome with the lil kids!! dancin SO well!! XD ZONE... i LOVE that song so glad they did it but that drummer girl sucked real bad -__-;; omg kuraki mai performed! first live on tv... i dun it was that good. she shoulda done a different song, maybe somethin newer... Hirai Ken's was so nice!!! such a great singer... SMAP was awesome!!!! i LOVED that Ring Show!! especially the RAP PART!!! XD it was HILARIOUS!! KIMU TAKU KAKKE~~!! :heart::heart: he was a good rapper too lol. now i love the word (?) "kon kon" lol starts singing yu~ki wa kon kon lol


--i hate it when ppl keep IMing me asking what i'm doing. i mean, askin once maybe is ok... but more than that... i'm like blowin my head off. i mean... what AM i doing?? i'm just online, chatting, surfing, playing around. email, reading, breathing, killing my eyes.... what?? there's like.... nothing you need to know... i mean i'm just... there geez. you dun need to know what i'm doing, i mean its not like im doin anythin interesting. sorry if this sounds bad... just gets annoying when so many ppl do this ><

--gaia. the art contests (not the official one, but the ones run by the other ppl) are tempting me. i mean... LETTERS!!! XD lol i so want letters... but i have no paypal account, no money... T__T but i know i have stuff i must draw first... *sigh*

--split ends are annoying. i have so many >< i keep like cutting them off... but still. i gotta get a hair cut. but they're really amusing. like the reeeelly bad ones. theres like... i've had strands with leading into 10 thinner ones XD so tiny and amusing. really. im weird XP

--2 pc problems really buggin me: first, writing japanese on gaia. i dunno if it's only gaia but... it gets so weird >< it comes out in like unicode or somethin. it writes fine, i can read it and everything... and i come back to that page again and it's all messed up.  second, saving images. for some reason.... it can only save in bmp now?? wth?? it's so messed up. i dunno how to fix these problems. reeelly annoyin me. does anyone know?? T__T

--almost a year since i joined DA. i was really inactive in the beginning... i like never came to the site ^^; anyways lets see what i've accomplished..... not much eh ^^; i guess i've made some friends :hug::hug:

--i still gotta make a homepage. i reeeelly wanna. but i *still* can't decide on a... name -__-;; and i'm lazy... T_T :icona-z-a-m-i: and I wanna live in Japan and waste ourselves... ok not waste but get away from all this stuff goin on >< i mean life in japan... that sounds SO good!! T_T mou konna mendokute uzai koto bakka yatteranaitte... aa~ koukou sotsugyou made ato 3nenhan mo arundayo~~ mo taihen sugi T_T koukou sotsugyou shita hitotachi sugoi desu. mou *quotejulia* "gakkou=ikijigoku"

i'm so bored... i have LOADS to do... but i'm so...... lazy T__T isn't there like a pill to make you wanna work!? X_X

friends list (not updated sorry >< ):
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kiriban at 10,000 pageviews! must gimme screencap!!
edit: now i remember what i forgot!!
does anyone have a Paypal account!?!? i heard that for gaia, you get those monthly thank you letters with some rare item every month if you donate $2.50 or something? not sure, thats what someone told me. Is that the exact price? please let me know if you can clear that up. anyways, i dont have a paypal account, and so i was wondering if someone would like to... commission me?? kinda. like work out a deal here. like for a whole year worth, i can do however many pics and stuff. I'd really appreciate that. so if anyone's interested, please let me know!! I'll luv ya forever!! :heart::heart::hug:

FUDGE!!!!!!! i just wrote this friggin long thing and i deleted it T__T here i go again........

:rudolph:almost Xmas! :santa: finally on winter break... *sigh* anyways my dads fren came over and my pc is now REBORN!! (though it still doesnt have internet access ^^; ) from 14gb i went to 60 (though half is already filled up :o_O: ) and from a sucky windows ME i went to an XP pro!!! and he installed photoshop 7 and i have to install the paintshop 8!!! AND, my dad got me a TABLET for Xmas!! how kewl is that!! *though it takes away the mouse excuse for crappy art ><* so hopefully i can get that all working soon.

da art: plan changed. that machi x kuroro pic.... is still sitting around... it'll just be like that till i actually feel like editing and coloring and crap.... *sigh*

--i wanna work on this other Xmas pic! :xmas: err more like winter pic. theme would be snow, in memory of the lovely Haku.... T__T i miss him..... ><  i was planning haku and zabuza in the sky as angels, and down below would be naruto, sasuke, sakura and kakashi... playing with snow? i dunno.... but i havent even sketched it out yet and theres so many characters... i dun think i can get to it....

--BUT i have sketched out a different Naruto pic for my... trade? with Shintaro~ its Haku, Sasuke and Kakashi. all 3 baby!! i killed them with my icky style tho >< hontoni gomen ne~ >< uu mae no kenshin no e nante mou gomi mitai dashi... konkai nomo nanka.... T__T  uu maji gomen ne:heart:

--COMMISSIONS!! i got from this guy on gaia. for REAL money, not gaian gold!! :w00t!: its for his sailer moon fanficcy, so expect some big eyes and lots of sparkles... *havent done that for a while...*

--trade with Lasaro and kiririku for SHF!! SORRY!! i STILL havent gotten to those!! T__T SO sorry..... ><

umm.... i think thats it for now..... everyone enjoy the holidays!! :xmas: :santa: :rudolph: :alienxmas: :heart:

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man there's just so much stuff to do....... and the difference between things i must do and things i wanna do... i mean they're both really important!! and many times i chose the things i wanna do over the must ^^;;

school>>3 weeks till break!! but it's real tough cuz we have so much work and all these projects and such its beyond crazy x_x and i bet were gonna have hw over break. i know it. any even if they dont assign anythin due right when we get back, theres projects that are due in January... and i seriously gotta work on those its HUGE ><  and today was off to a bad start, my CD player broke this morning T__T iono it just stopped playing :O_o:;; i gotta get another one 4 X'mas...

X'MAS&HOLIDAYS!! man so busy busy.... i'd better start working on cards and presents... dude i don't have money!! T__T

art progress man there's so much i wanna do!! and... like 25 days till X'mas!! hopefully i'll manage to get some done.... anyways here's what i can remember for now:
--X'mas pic or killua i'm working on. very... sexy? XD i dunno if i'm gonna color it, i wanna do it black and white with a brush
--Winter pic of HxH skiing and snowboarding.... havent started yet but i'm planning. i wanna make it clean and crisp so i *might* try cel shading... maybe
--kiriban request for :iconshf: i'm probably gonna try Heiji and/or Conan for this, after reading #43 XD
--art trade with :iconlasaro: Killua! man u've already got ur half done.... dun worry i'll do it somehow!! ^^;;
-- ohh and i have this Machi x Kuroro (Quoll whatever) pic that i did... and i really wanna try this... style of coloring that i really like of Aiko sama at +Love Clinic+ i luv her coloring!! how she does the hair >< i dun think it'll turn out that well though. i have the line art kinda done im really not satisfied with it so i'm probably gonna fix it... machi looks really bad ><

oh and some stuff u really don't need to know:
MUSIC!! i'm goin J-pop crazy again ^^;; some are old but still really good!!
--Long Road by w-inds!! omg i just love that song!! XD
--Taboo (m-flo remix) by Hirai Ken and Lisa from m-flo!! its such a good song!!
--Funky Days by LEAD!! its just too funky!!
--Moving Man by Kick the Can Crew ... sad cuz it talks a bout moving and i can relate... and i like a lot of their other songs like Unbalance XD
--100% Yuuki by Ya-Ya-yah!!! omg i just LOOOOOVE this!!! Ya-Ya-yah is just TOOOOO CUTE!!! :heart::heart: i love YABU~!! XD
--Secret Base by ZONE i've heard a it a long time ago somewhere.... and i was just dling some random songs and it was this!! i just love this ><
--Appears by Ayumi Hamasaki....its so... sad? i dunno i just love it

ok enough of my blabber gotta get to my hw (lol like i'm gonna get started right away... probably another hour or so till i open my backpack >< )

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i went to Kinokuniya again... man every time i go there, i realize how much money i seriously need. like.... i always end up staying there for hours maybe i dunno, looking through everything, finding SO many things that i want, but cant buy cuz i dun have enough money T__T it sucks so bad i so need a job but i'm still too 'young' >< i was able to squeeze some cash from my (now-empty) piggy bank (its not a pig tho! its Batz-maru!! XD ) and (after a loooooooot of thinking and mayoi-ing) i bought:
--Tsubasa #2 (the regular one cuz the special version cost like $17!!)
--Black Cat #7.... still luv the art!! :heart:
--Meitantei Conan #43... i guess im startin to collect it
--and the october issue (lol 50% off!) of Junon Magazine
and some stuff that i want SOOOO bad but i cant buy include but are limited to:
xxxHOLiC, Gouhou Drug, Black Cat 8+, TeniPuri 15+, Shaman King 11+, Bleach 8+, Hikaru no Go 1+, Naruto 6+, One Piece 1+, Loveless 1+, Samurai Deeper Kyo 1+, Fruits Basket 1+ and etc etc..... but those are only MANGAs.... also CD's!!!! T__T so many that i want. oh and they had CALENDARS. TOO MANY. TO CHOOSE FROM. WAY TOO MANY T__T cept they didnt have HxH.... but they had like diff versions of Naruto, TeniPuri, HikaGo, Conan and celebs too like BoA, Ueto Aya, Ayu, w-inds, Lead.... *sigh* theyre like so huge and expensive though....

and.... i also want COPICS T__T i want them so bad... i mean, u cant always CG everything, and like when it comes to hand coloring, colored pencils are ok but they never look 'smooth' when i use them... thats the downside... but if u use pro markers like copics and make it all nice, it would look soooo nice..... ><

So~~ can anyone tell me how most ppl do commissions here on DA?????? i've seen some ppl write about it in their journals.... but i'm not quite sure. im not saying that ima do commissions cuz i doubt anyone would want them anyways, and theres like far better artists offering them too... but just curious i wanna know how they work. cuz i mean i dun have like a bank account or anything and stuff... ??? *sigh*  man christmas//holidays are comin up FAST.... *SIGH*

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....i havent written/posted in a long while.... well i just posted 2 pics.... workin on some but not close to being finished ><

anyways, a while back, my dad came back from japan with --mangas!! yay. i read em all already. i got :
black cat 2~6
bleach 1,2,6,7
shaman king 2~10
prince of tennis 11~14

well everything except for bleach 6 and 7 cuz i wanna read 3~5 first and Sei's gonna let me borrow hers *luv u!!* man she has like everything..... *envy* gonna have to borrow a lot from her... like HikaGo!! i wanna read that so bad. anyways, she's the one that recommended Bleach, and it's pretty good i guess. Black Cat is one of my favorites as in the art, i just LOOOOVE the art. its the kind i really like. i shall try drawing some BC fanart soon. Train's so kakkoii+kawaii!! and Eve's just adorable. and Kyoko is so cute too! *again the obsession with japanese seifuku* well i already have but really sloppy. anyways, PoT is good too.... and guess what? my plan worked!! my mom's a tennis freak, so i made her read it, and she's like hooked on it now! XD she read all 14 that i have already. and she said she'll get me the ones after that XD hooray!!

this is kinda old too, but i got in a BIG fight with my parents. cuz they wun let me go back to LA. loooong story, if u wanna hear just ask me, im too lazy and cant write everything i want here anymore cuz a lot of ppl have this site address now and u never know who will see what i write.

Did any Meitantei Conan (Detective Conan) fans see the newest movie?? i forgot what its called but it takes place in Osaka and stuff. *spoilers!!* the story overall wasnt *too* exciting i guess. and haibara didnt have much of a role ;_; tho we saw a little of her evil scientist side ^^ (not evil but.... nvm) and Shinichi!! nice to see him again. tho it was so sad... Ran.... anyways Kazuha looked really cute when she was small. adorable. and they did a really good job with the motercycle chase part. that was pretty good. other than that.... i'd say i like some of the previous ones more. but still, u should watch it if ur a Conan fan. me and my dad were in a kandou mode after watching it. i mean, the ppl that make are like genius. from making the whole riddle/mystery, putting it all into a story, getting all the historical and location reference and making the animation, etc. thats amazing.

oh and at skool (nvm all the work, i dun really care about that anymore. lolz i like dun do my hw ^^;; ) i have a new... goal?? its hard to describe. again a VERY long story, im not gonna write it here. but i was kinda in shock today........ this person got a haircut..... and.... i liked it the way it was before.... T__T the bootiful hair!! ;_;

next kiriban >> 7777 hits!

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hehe i'm in a good mood again ^^
so much to write about....... ok i wun write that much rabubana here anymore since i dun think anyone knows what im talking about ^^  kyou wa akai boushi wo kabuttete chou kawaikatta~!! :heart: ato ryu~gakusei kun mo kacchoi!! so anyways, to keep it simple, i'm happy!! :heart:

anyways i finally got the HxH #18!! it was... very surprising.... if you haven't read it yet and dun want to be spoiled... skip this paragraph!! anyways... first of all... biske!?!? her real form... was.... x_x i can't believe it. she looks like a huge ugly buff man with boobs literally!! and what's funny is that i've seen that before as fanart way before 18 came out... strange. anyways, but she looks so nice in that "minaide kaite miyou" part that togashi sensei drew XD very kakkoii!! i wanna draw her like that ^^ and Killua.... another surprise!! his yo-yo's are so tight!! and how he referred to his opponent as an experiment seems just like the lil namaiki killu kun ^^  i'm glad he can use his electricity really well now :D so strong!! and finally.... gon.... stupid little gon.... it was disgusting... his hand.... >< violent scenes like that give me pain too, but i like violent mangas/animes ^^;; it's kinda obvious that he'll recover tho so that's ok. and killua's hands too. all fixed ^^ and man.... they were SO close to meeting Gin!! if Gon had decided to go by himself... he would have finally met his father!! but the story'd end too short and of course killua's his best pal :hug: anyways, i finally understand how they got to fighting bus in the weekly jump. man they're gross... i can't stand bugs. but its ok if killua & then are  gonna go exterminate them :D

ok, i also got Tsubasa #1, a new one by CLAMP. i LOOOOVE this art!! they like change their style everytime they let out a new manga, and i think this is my fav so far. the lines are like... so nice!! anyways, for those of you that have read cardcaptor sakura.... the main characters are back!! shaoran and sakura of course! sakura's a princess ^^ they're like in a different world... something happens and sakura loses her heart/memory and shaoran and 2 other guys have to travel to different planets, shaoran to collect the scattered pieces of sakura's memory. it's kinda like chobits tho cuz even if he does get them all back, the lady says that sakura won't remember anything about their relationship, etc. but shaoran's such a nice guy, his quote "ikimasu. sakurawa zettai, shinasenai." anyways, some other look-alikes come out too, like a look-alike chii, and that rabbit looking thing from rayearth, etc. it's pretty good, i'll definately get the rest once they're out. i also wanna get their xxxholic and the other one something drug... CLAMP's always good ^^

oh and i also got another pen for inking, this one 0.1, cuz the the 0.03 copic was a little too thin for drawing some parts ^^;;

anyways the other big thing was that this weekend, we had a looong blackout. it started saturday 6:20 pm. (i didn't notice tho cuz i was asleep in my room on the floor with the lights out)  so we ate ramen in the dark with candles ^^;; the next day the power still wasn't back... i was afraid of takin a shower cuz i thought hot water wouldn't come out, but it did ^^;; first our garage wouldnt open cuz its electric, but we pulled it or something and got the car out. went to buy lots of candles and went to go eat at denny's, where i did my homework :) and we got back, lighted lots of candles and it was all pretty.... then the lights turned on at like 8:00 pm. what was freaky was that the tv was also left on, so it turned on really loud with a BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ and it scared us, like the Ring u know? lolz so that's why i wasn't online this weekend. glad the power's back!!

>>i'm working on the kiriban pic of Yoh!! and some other pics too :D next kiriban 7777 btw, long way to go

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does anyone know when we're getting our icons back? i know it said 2-3 days in the forum...
nyaha i'm in a good mood ^^

first on all, tomorrow morning first thing, i FINALLY get to go to Kinokuniya to get HUNTERx HUNTER #18!!!!! SHINU HODO YOMITE~~~!!! i can't wait to read it!! and while i'm there i might pick up some other stuff too.... there's like 3 issues of the japanese seventeen out (that zine rocks!!) and there's been like 6 issues of weekly shonen jump out already.... i don't think i can buy them cuz i have no money ><

anyways.... yesterday, i bumped into *anoko*!! lolz i dun even know his name. ima write in japanese now:: chou kawaii ko nano~~!! onaji gakunen de, nanka yu~kkuri aruku kode, nanka... chou kawaii!! soshite, butsukatta toki, "ou wou wou wou" datte~~ :heart: ukeru shi kawa!! itsumo miteru kara itsumo me acchatte komarun dayone~~~ kondo zettai hanashi kakeruzo!! AND the other thing is, if u've read one of my previous journal entries.... about the white board thing and the japanese ryu-gakusei? well the white board thing ended like... after the second day cuz our teacher erased everything *kuso baba~!!*  but i *finally* got to see him close up after skool! lolz nanka... yappari.... chou kakkoii~~!!! >w< kya koitsu nimo kondo hanashi kakeru~!! senpai nandayone~~ maikka!! nakayoku naretara guu~!! omoshiro soudashi ne ^^ :heart:

what else.... o yea we watched nekono ongaeshi (the new ghibli movie) and it was pretty good!! the cats were SOOOO cute!!! :aww: yesh im a cat lover =^w^=  anyways, i dun think they have it out in english yet.... but for those of u that can watch it in japanese, i recommend it ^^

oh and i'm going on a j-pop crazy thinger.... yea. i'm like downloading so much and loving em all ^^ esp. cuz julia's goin crazy over all these johnny's jr ppl and shes gettin me into it ><  ya-ya-yah's yuuki 100% is SOOOOO KAWAII~~!!!!!!! XD i listen to it over and over and over.... its just adorable!!!! gahh i love them :love: esp. yabu~ :heart: so cute!! and then... some other favs are:
--Funky Days by Lead
--Taboo by Hirai Ken and m-flo (lisa)
--Kokuhaku by the gospellers
--Moving Man by Kick the Can Crew (cuz i can relate)
--Jump by Every Little Thing
--Perfect Lady by Do As Infinity
--Round & Round by w-inds
and the list will go on and on..... :heart:

well i'll quit my blabbing for now ^^

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well as for the kiriban, :iconligerxero: got it!! and the request was Yoh with a sword :O_o:;; welll i'll work on that. if ur wonderin, the next kiriban will be 7777 hits ^^  i love the number 7 :D

anyways, cuz sammi chan told me how to do the animation thing at, i just had to try it!! so with only that in mind, i started oekaki-ing.... so the picture's just crap, iono if i'm gonna submit it here or not. but for those of u that are reading this, u can go see the animation here ~>>…! hope it works ^^ it's really crappy, i'm warning u!! and it doesnt now the millions of undo's i did ^^ or else it'd take forever. but that's basically how i draw and screw it all up ^^;;

my dad left for japan this morning, and he's gonna get me stuff!! *manga* yea i hope he can find em. i so wanna go back again.... *sigh* i wanna live there. or at least back in torrance... miss you all and love ya lotz!! :heart::heart:

Julia's w-inds craze has left her.... now she's obsessed over koki from KAT-TUN. and other ppl to, but mainly him. and i agree, he's so kakkokawaii ^^;; but i'm not obsessed. but she said shes gonna show me all these DVD's and such... soo iono. i dont really have an actor/singer person that i'm crazy about... a lot i like but not crazy about. im more into real life ppl (as in not celebriries) and manga charas ^^;;  

I NEED MONEY!!! i'm buying all these manga and such and my low-to-start-with money is like... gone ><  and i dun get allowance!! i might... but not at the moment. grr. and it's not like i can take a job anywhere. how am i supposed to get money?? T__T

i'm bored.... i've got a lot of things to do but i dun wanna... as usual. I WANNA GO BACK TO TORRANCE!!! *lemon* kun aishiteru yo~~~ :heart: lolz daisuki!!

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