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seifuku iina

it was supposed to be the cover of my assignment thing for japanese but i hadnt scanned it yet and i didnt know when i'd get it back so i just didnt use it. this was a REALLY FAST sketch. like. really. fast. and i did it in purple pen ^^ proportions etc way off but oh well i like it for now. i'm obsessed with japanese seifuku. kitaina~~~ iina~~ chou kawaii~~ ><
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A fast sketch... TT.TT That's better than my normal stuff....
It's not bad at all, and for a fast sketch, it's very good.
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That's awesome, love the pleats in the skirt and the wrinkles in the shirt.. I can never draw them >_>

...kitai ?????
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very good! lovely, i love this uniform! wish i wore this :(
Gr8 though, really good shading as well, bravo :) xxxx
height's avatar
that is a really good drawing ! very cool
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Very very good for a quick sketch, especially for one done in pen. :heart:
lilpiggyluver's avatar
all i can say is CUTE!! and DEFINITE :+fave:
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kawaii ne!! totemo iidesu!!
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Very cute, i love the skirt. Amazing job, especially for a fast sketch :)
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Aweee how cute!!!! :) :Clap:
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she is so cute
you draw well
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I know how it is to get compliments on something you don't like, but... I'm going to have to give one anyways. This pic is /awesome/. I trust that it was a really really fast sketch, but it's beautiful.
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i have one of those :D
panchan77's avatar
you do!?! you're SO lucky!! i have loose socks but that's about it ^^;
enchantma's avatar
:giggle: im not so lucky when i have to wear it...
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sooo cute... love it!
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awww! she's cute!!
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OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.. u are just to goood.. :crying:. omg.. y cant i draw!!!!!.. omg im just going to kill me now ok..
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I love it :D Awesome sketchy art :) Damn, whatever happen to drawing Pan? They were awesome :D
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Aw, wowies! You have so much talent, you know that? Each new upload, really does take my breath away, wow, if I had half your talent, I'd be staisfied :worship:

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wow this is sooo good :omg: u did that in purple PEN :pen: wow ur soooo talented. if i'm correct the japanese that u rote says nana :confused: i suck at jap but what does that mean
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that's my name ^^;;
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