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killuas ice candy story

and this is the story of how killua made the ice candy!! it was an omake for just cuz i felt like it :D (Big Grin) um... just to say... this was a PAIN to do... u know why? cuz first of all, i can't type japanese in my paint programs cuz it's in english, and even tho i can type jap in e-mails and stuff, i can't write vertically!! sooo i had to type it up in an e-mail, take scren caps, and cut and paste every single character one by one... doesn't that suck?? so that's why they're all crooked and stuff... x.x and yea anyways i can't even draw straight lines so the lines are all messed up too... i screwed up so many times so many places... i probably missed some more... and this is my first time doing something like this so it's really bad... and i shoulda left more spaces between each row... whoops.

um... so... well u have to know hunter x hunter to get this... even tho this is a really stupid story... well since killua's a henka kei he can use his ren to make water really sweet like honey... so he does that and puts it in the ice cube thingers and freezes it and puts sticks in it and voila! ice candy!! and then Gon comes around saying he wants one... and at the end kurapika (yes that's *supposed to be him* i know it doesn't look like him at all xx) and Leorio pop outa nowhere saying they want one too... and so... mari san has to decide whether to give one to each of them and only have one left for herself or to keep the precious candy that *killua* made for her all to herself.... (i think i would keep it! i mean, it's from killua!! kyaa~!! but iono... i dun wanna be mean....) soo yea stupid story and sucky art but that's all i can do.

and some of the pics i just looked at the manga cuz it was kinda like a same scene.
Hunter x Hunter (c) yoshihiro togashi sama
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Too bad we never got a translation. :o
Michelle4605's avatar
Translation plzzz ! Anybody would probably expect translation
Ahaha cool! That gives me an idea! Thanks!
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mi no understand it translation plz plz plz plz plz pzl
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mi no understand it translation plz plz plz plz plz pzl
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Now that a way he should use nen and then he can move into my house..maybe even assasin my ex *evil grin*
Really well done, the kanji look great, but I would have preferred it if it was in english...rofl
eckroo's avatar
the guy on the lower right corner looks good!
but i can't read japanese T_T
translation please ^^;;
otakugyrl's avatar
ne. more reason that I really need to read the manga/see the anime ~.~

But that's very cute *_*
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This is super cute!! ^_^
So did Gon decide to give the candies to Kurapica and Leorio? ^____^
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Aww, poor Killua-kun... I wonder if he did end up giving all those treats to his friends. :3 Your Killua-kun is very cute! And Gon is spot on, too.
kuroken's avatar
hee hee.. FUNNY!
kirukura's avatar
good one you used some about his nen ^^, HENKA!! XD
pai-chan's avatar
lol cute and funny :) (Smile)
ru-shin's avatar
So that's what he looks like!Good job! Although I can't read it....
akaisenshi's avatar

Very kewl although I haven't gotten much into HxH yet. ^^ Like how you did this!
switch-ookami's avatar
Awww... that is so COOL! I wish I could understand Japanese better. Speaking of Japanese... I should do my Japanese homework. oO;;
yuki-tounoin's avatar
Aa~~~~~!!!! KA...KAWAISUGIRU~~~~~~!!!!!!! Killua-cha~~~N!!! Gon-chan~~!!! Annani kawaii okaode tanomaretara mou nandemo agetaku nacchau yone~~~~? shirogane-sa~~nHeart Manga maji umai-ssu!!! Sasuga panchan~~~XD Heart
sephy's avatar
*crys* submitt it in english, i whana read it :( (Sad)
but its nicley drawn though x.x
wou;d help if i could read it! x.x
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this is a great comic..even though i dont really know how to read the characters......:) (Smile)
deathscythe02's avatar
ack! thats awesome!!! i wish i knew japanese ;_; i wanna learn it so bad!! XD lol
but this is looking awesome!! that DOES suck that you had to copy an paste them all X_x
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Excekkent work!!
the effort sure payed off!!!!
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WAHH! Cho-kawaii! Maji Killua ni hore naoshichaimashita~ Nanchatte. ^^ Mochiron Gon mo Kurapi mo Leorio mo tabete iiyo~! Heart Manga mecha kucha umai jyan! X3 Kore mo mecha kawaii kara +fav ni tsuika~! Bakushou shichaimashita. rofl
enchantma's avatar
i love how it looks like an actual can be a professional mangaka forsure!
mirokuglomper's avatar
Caaaaaaandy! ^-^ Nummies. Nice piccy!! You draw so niiiiicely! n.n Hehe. Good job!
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