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killuas ice candy

By panchan77
this is for
it's a thank you pic cuz she's so sweet and nice Hug Hug
i think i did better at coloring this time... but i still gotta get better.
but for some reason the hand's freaking me out.... it looks kinda real-ish...
and wonderin what those are that he's holding?
there's a story to it so look at my next post, the omake!
and again.... i made it all colorful and sparkly... sorry that's just me i always overdo with the sparkles... i mean... i just love kira kira pika pika! :D (Big Grin) yea weird bg...

killua (c) yoshihiro togashi sama!! Worship
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so!!! CUTE!!! LOVE HIM! XD
redleaveshavefallen's avatar
I have no idea how you made such an amazing piece in 2003. :dead: It's incredible, the colors, the shading, Killua's face so prettiful...You must be incredibly talented now.
ARTBoY-M's avatar
WoW it is nice and cool
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Mysticbynd's avatar
purrrttyyyy..... killua is so cute ^_^
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o.o this is awesome!! :hug: Killua-Kun!!! he looks awesome! :drool:
MetalWeaver's avatar
Hmmm, very nice. seen it before I was a Deviant, tho. One of my buds liked it so much he made it his desktop and named himself after it.
panchan77's avatar can't be serious *__*;; thanks for the comment :)
KL-chan's avatar
Unyaaaaaa ;o; Killua-kuuun~~~~! *drools* Sho pretty ne ;o; *melts*
OhAnnAh-Chan's avatar
Very pretty! You use color really well! I just love the heavenly feel to this. Wonderful job!
Valindra's avatar
I love your coloring and shading.
It's really great.
pi-kyu's avatar
It's Killua!!!! I love this!! :+fav:
LEGENDofLMPF's avatar
OMG! He's so shexy! *Squeels* :+fav:
lilboy's avatar
Whoa~ this is beautiful!
I particularly like the ice candies~ Although the too "real-ish" hand might seem not "anime-ish" enough.
Geez, what am I saying. :O_o:
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Hamodi's avatar
its very nice ,,, i love it :D and u have nice coloring :) great job ....
zaiqukaj's avatar
The colors caught my eye, this is beautiful. You have some talent, keep it up:)
flame-gamer's avatar
It looks like he's on fire... in ice? o.0 It's awesome
Akii's avatar
OMG!! KILLUAAAAA~ *_________* *pass out*
it's sooo~ kawaii ^_______^## *fav*
Saura's avatar
this is a fooking awesome pic mon! I want to eat the ice candy..... :hungry: *steals the yummy candy from the dude in the pic and chomps down: mmmmmmm.... goood! *realizes that it's ice and that it has given her a massive case of brain freeze* FOOOOOK! Fook it all! btw, nice pictura! me gusta!
ujangzero's avatar
good sfx and lightning efx! ganbatte!
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