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kawayui yoh kun

finally finished!! kiriban request for ligerxero thanks for catching 6789!! :w00t!: :D :hug:

anyways the request was yoh from shaman king and sword/katana. hehe sorry if u were expecting some action.... just whenever i think of yoh i have this... warm, lazy image ^^;; yoh kun tte hontoni yuriyone~~ iina~~ zenzen stress nainjanai kana~

um the pose was kinda taken from this cute oekaki i found somewhere. yea... and i tried coloring differently, more soft and warm feeling i guess. i kinda like how it turned out :D and dun mind the crappy katana and background ^^;;

asakura yoh (c) Hiroyuki Takei sensei :worship:
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KAWAII!!!!!!!!!! X3
Me: "OMG HE'S SO KAWAII!!!!!!!!!" X3
Yoh: "Um....That's nice..." ^^;
Me: *:iconglomp2plz:s Yoh*
Yoh: ^^;
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Amidamaru in Harusame! >.>;
Karmillina's avatar
aaaw, this is so cute XD
Jay16's avatar
He looks so cute and happy!!!
wolfen's avatar
Nice! I love the warm light coloring to this! *hell yeah I am a Mankin fan.*
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Yoh~ How CUTE!! *__*
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Yoh is my Favourite character from Shamen king along with
Tao Ren/Lenny It's really cool adsing this picture to my favourites
ChristyYuri's avatar
Very nice colors in this XD you CG very well!
zeiva's avatar
UWA! It's Yoh!!!!!!!! XD
He looks cute in your style XD
darkphoenixember's avatar
Oh wow, you made Yoh so nice! @_@ That is some beautiful coloring! :+fav: ! XD Okay, I must watch you now... ^_^
Kaze-Hime's avatar
WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA A~~!!!!!! I LUV YOH!!!!!! SO KAWAII!!!!!!!!!!! *fan girl screaming*.........KYAaaaaaaa.......*don e*

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Cute! Great sword!
elvishchick's avatar
Mweeh great work!!! I love all your stuff...
utawanai-uta's avatar
Sugoi sugoi! You drew Yoh-chama so nicely. I love the soft colors and the lovely composition. *.* ::lauds:: :+fav:

enchantma's avatar
awesome work!!! i love the bg! its sooo cool!
ligerxero's avatar
I just wanted to say thanx one more time, I absolutely like it
aimez's avatar
omg!! he looks so cute!!!
chunkymunkie7jp's avatar
o_o why didn't i notice this before? it should been on my list of devinations. ^^;; deviantart is fugged up.

man yoh-kun looks so good when you draw him. too much talent...burns the eyes...but in a good way XD

i love those colors.
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Yay!!! Congrats!!! :D
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demonbot's avatar
HAahhaa very awsome!
nalem's avatar
Whoa! That looks great!
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I greatly applaude (sp?) your originality (sp?).
This is truely one-of-a-kind! Unique! Personal! Self-experssive!
Deserving praise...*clap clap*
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