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This was a school project for Food & Fitness lol
We were just supposed to find a nice quote and write it out.... but I took it a little further:heart:
The colors look really bad in this cuz I didn't have time to scan it so I took a digital picture of it.
It's done with markers and colored pencils q(^o^)p
I actually like how it turned out messy looking and colorful :D
and it's sparkling cuz I used a Tiara pen to add highlights and glitter :floating:
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thats so true...
and sweet XD
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adorable!! and a great quote too :D
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Good quote, I like the colours, I love her eyes! :aww: I hope you're an artist! ;)
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very nice!!!
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^w^ pretty saying. so true
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I actually like what the camera did to it. To me it just brings out the rest of it....And I love that quote!
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i love this! cant describe really....but i love it!
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You teachers must be VERY proud to have you in their art class!!!
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Aww she so cute :heart::hug::smooch:
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ahha i like the messiness with this one :D really got it down with the work and artist bit :D things tend to get messy eh? ahha :D
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gya! I love the messy look... Actually, there really isn't anything I don't love on it! So... much... talent... (mumble mumble)(grr.... jealous...)
I wanna take her home with me... Can I?
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^_^- I really like the quote~ Who cares if its messy, as long as you have fun~ I loves the colors and the glitter! Her expression is cute, too.
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Beautiful colouring and the paint splotches add such a gorgeous effect!

You chose the quote well my friend ^^ Well done as always.
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sooo cute!!! XDDD
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Heehee :XD: That looks great :D I love the quote :XD:
I love all those colours.... reminds me of myself when I'm using watercolour O_O;;
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awesome!!! but if it was done with markers and colored pencils, shouldnt it be in traditional art not digital art?
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OOPS!!! I was so used to always submitting to digital art that I totally lost it!! ^^;;; *goes back to fix* thank you for noticing!! ><;;
lilpiggyluver's avatar
rofl- okey dokey! :D
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ooo like this one lots
colours remind me of
bubblegum n icecream
and quotes very true
good job :P
-mmm icecream-
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