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Thank You 7777

This started out as a kiriban pic for who caught my 7777 a long while ago.
But I basically wanna post this for everyone I wanna thank :heart::heart:

Ughh it may look different from my other pics cuz before I drew this I was reading LOVELESS and tried imitating the art b/c its so gorgeous, I love it so much. This was actually drawn a while ago.... I just never got around to posting it. I like how this turned out o.O I think its better than most of my pics, even the more recent ones @_@;; Anyways, the scanner ruined the color~~ esp the skin b/c it was done with the light colored Copics. This was done in all markers~ a few copics and the rest with some other regular markers I have. Fixed slightly on photoshop to adjust color.

Original picture, so (c) me?? anyways thank you to SHF and everyone else that's been kind to me~~:heart::glomp::heart:
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Very nice! You did a wonderful job on her hair! And congrats on the 7777.
bemani247's avatar
wow, now this is beautifull!!! wonderfull work!!!
megoruu's avatar
shes so pretty! the eyes are great! this is so lovely n_n!
killuachan's avatar
O_O what did you color with? photoshop? love teh hair and teh eyes and especially teh coloring >w< eee so pretty :heart:
panchan77's avatar
it was done with Copics and other markers ^^ thank you for the comment :D
killuachan's avatar
AHHH... i want.. T_T;; but omg.. good goooood job!!
hakaichou's avatar
kirei na~! I love the colors in her hair! personally i hate using markers. But you did an awesome job! Sugee~! :XD:
Zariah's avatar
Aw this is very nice.. love her eyes and hair!
dreasama's avatar
I wish I could see a manga drawn by you one day!!!
digied21's avatar
Aww shes so cute :heart: :smooch:
Tetsuya55's avatar
wow! adorible!
kay7291's avatar
evillives's avatar
ahh nana youre back :D nice pic, i love her warmness haha :D great job :D
alpenglow's avatar
lovel drawing + coloring!
otaku-chan's avatar
I love how you colored her eyes and hair~! The reddish hilights match her outfit well. :w00t: Congratulations on 7.777 hits~! :w00t:
gotentrunks4eva's avatar
The colouring just amazes's so smooth and it blends so well, it looks smooth like how skin's supposed to look...

You captured such a happy feeling in this picture ^^ Her expression is awesomely captured, and her hair just rocks! You did a great job on combining the colours and streaks together!
yukinoe's avatar
waa lovely!! she's so cute!! amazing coloring!
EyesOfCrimson's avatar
So pretty!! :D I love her hair :XD:
lilpiggyluver's avatar
pretty!! and congrats on quad 7!!
ArtimasStudio's avatar
very beautiful!! I love the hair colouirng!! Sucj a beautiful peice, the colouring is awsome! The facial expression is great too!
sakuragaoka's avatar
WOW! *o* That's absolutely gorgeous! I love the coloring *o* and the lineart! Definate fav!
SuperK86's avatar
Wonderful work! She doesn't look like she is too happy though. The way you made her smile, and eyes, makes it look like she is kind of putting up a front ^_^
Great job on the shading, not too little, not too much. I love it!
But, maybe the ear is to low? It might be just me... But definitely a fav!
FireflyRaye's avatar
Gorgeous piccy! I love her hair and eyes! She has such a pretty face! Lovely colors! You have such a beautiful style! :D =^__^= :heart:
SHF's avatar
Thank you!!! I really like the colouring of the hair in this~ The different shades of brown on the hair is AMAZING!! The shading is awesome. thank you once again~
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