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Sailor DreamMoon

Original Sailor Scout character for fanfiction commissioned by ~FoxDeathy

umm... did my drawing/coloring style change at all? o.O I haven't CGed for a looooong while.
Anyways, Sailor Scouts are hard... the skirt is SO confusing. @_@;;
Looked through all my old Sailor Moon books to see how they looked like.
The pose was taken from a model on the Japanese Seventeen magazine :heart:
Sloppy if you really look closely... but I tried to hide it ^^;;

character (c) to FoxDeathy :3 will post link to fanfiction once he's ready for it :D
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cool. reminds me of Misao from Ruroni Kenshin.
CassieMonroe's avatar
Very nice. I'm lovin' it, kinda looks like my human from Phantasy star Universe.
Neko-Chiba's avatar
WOW really awsum!
Slytherpuss's avatar
Excellent picture! Her eyes are absolutely GORGEOUS =D :+favlove:
luckyiota's avatar
the cging looks amazing as always =D definitely love all the detail especially in her hair ^0^ and how you did the close up image at an angle =] awesome commission work!
digied21's avatar
Too awesome :drool: I can't draw anything close for my life >.<
Keiyto-05's avatar
bobojoe84's avatar
i love the eyes on this... gorgeous job!!
kasuchan's avatar
Oh wow! I love her design, and the coloring looks so good :D
sotwnisey's avatar
Another awesome pic! The hands turned out wonderfully! :heart:
EyesOfCrimson's avatar
This one looks super cute too :D Love the way you draw/colour :glomp:
kay7291's avatar
glitter-chan's avatar
I love that pose.. I think the cg-ing is great! It's better than anything I could ever do X.x;
Laine-O's avatar
The CG doesn't look too bad, they came out really great on the hair.
evillives's avatar
ohh cute :)
she reminds me of that...mercury? character except with more tommy spunk haha :)
zaibot's avatar
thats really cool... great coloring.. really nicely done! great job on it! :D
xrei1's avatar
yay she's cute i like her :heart: just kidding but she's cool for a made up character
honami's avatar
the color blue can be associated to dreams, can't it? nice eyes.. :=D:
akinokaede's avatar
Wahh she is so pretty!

Love the chara design, although she is quite similar to Mercury...?
Omigosh her expression is so lovely~ such a bueaitful girl =3

I love how you CG hair... TT_TT :heart:
KateCarden's avatar
He- I jsut found the Sailor Rose one ^_^ I think I like thiso ne a bit better- but that might be my overwhelming love for blue ^_^;;;

Great work again!
shirogane's avatar
Ah, konoaida no e owattanda~ ^^ BG ga kimatte yokatta ne~ Suteki desu~ Jyuubun ni ryouhou tomo hikitatteru to omoimasu! =D
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