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Naruto - winter lineart

This is the noncolored, lineart version. I think it turned out pretty good for someone who HATES lineart X_X;; I left it really big so people can color it if they wish -- YES this is OPEN COLORING or FREE LINEART or whatever you wanna call it. But remember that if you DO color it, you gotta credit me ;)

Naruto (c) Masashi Kishimoto
art (c) Nana Hatori (me! XD)
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© 2004 - 2022 panchan77
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people allways color things but never do learn how to shade properly it's a shame...
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i deleted my picture i did
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i have used Naruto for a window painting --> [link]
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May i color this?
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Im Gonna Color This Okay? :D But Ill Give You All Credit and Send You Back the Link ^^
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Colored it!! [link]
I hope you like it :D
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:D great job on the line art!

here's the one I color of this! Team 7's Winter

I can't wait to see more! <33
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Thought you should know that this work has been stolen here - [link]

I am reporting it now
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The artist has to report it him / herself. Deviantart takes no action untilt then.

Case Log: My Work Used

* First Report: Fri Dec 10 2010 08:25
Case Closed: Fri Dec 10 2010 20:55
Status: Invalid
Comment: A member of staff has reviewed this report. It has been determined that this report has been improperly filed by someone who is not the original artist or the current copyright owner and as such this report has been deemed Invalid and no action has been taken. Please alert the original artist or current copyright owner so that they may file a proper complaint. If you are a concerned member of the community you should confine your reports to the "Permission Issues" category unless it concerns your own personal work.
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I see well than you
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Well it's offline now.
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yes I was sent a note saying that after reviewing my report and others like it, it was decided the picture was stolen and was so removed.
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Thank you for the awesome lineart, here's my version. [link]
Hope you like it. (:
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