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Kurama and Hiei -ness

my 2 fav pics from YYH manga #15!! i just loved them so much i had to try myself. first done in pen, then with a half working japanese fude pen (brush pen) and then used ashley's black copic brush... *sorry i just had to! that other brush doesn't work!! x_x* and i know i coulda used a font to write one those old looking japanese kanji thingers and make it look way better, but i wanted to do it myself, so i used a copic ^^;;; they don't work like real calligraphy brushes tho. man i suck at them... i wanted to try and make it look all fancy like.... gahh i suck. i was probably better when i actually took lessons

orig. pics & yyh (c) yoshihiro togashi sensei :worship:
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Wow, who pissed THEM off?
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That's me on a baaaaaaaaaaaaaddd day~~~~!!!
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Hiei and Kurama: Who ate OUR COOKIES?!
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Their eyes look scary but sexy to me! Love this pic so much! Waiting for another YYH fanart from you!
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That's amazing! They look like they're going to kill me though... Ha ha! Scary!
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FINALLY!!! A pic of kurama and Hiei together that is NOT yaoi and is GOOD!! LOOOOVE their murdurous expressions. :heart:
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THAT IS AWESOME!!!! I'm definately :+fav:ing this ^_^
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Woww...that's amazing! I love the very 'intense' look they both have.

Actually, I think the calligraphy looks fantastic; don't be too hard on yourself...I think that's much, much better than a lot of us can do. <3

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Kurama doesn't look toooo happy there, mate. But it's a good uh gothic lookin' pic anyway.
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Mm, copied. Not saying traced, but copied, yes.
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I really love their expressions. o_o
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- Looks good! Very professional! 8)
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Ah! My darling Hiei ((glomp!!)), This is wonderful, you caught Hiei's attitude perfect, ah so cold. Though I never recall seeing Kurama look so evil, he does better at looking pretty O.< And even though things didn't work out how you wanted, I think this looks really good, thumbs up from me. Now..... I'll be taking Hiei with me ^^;
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oh gosh...thats so good +fav
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:| Dost my ears decieve me? :hug: You used a reference and gave credit. I can't tell you how absolutely thrilled that makes me. I've noticed a lot of people who don't when it comes to YYH... especially when they're using doujinshi as reference.....

Enough of that though, I love this! Your skill! Kicking. I don't think that kanji could have looked better on a computer. I think it would have looked worse. I love the way it looks as it is. :worship: You really managed to capture that cold, dark anger in both of them.. I don't recall what exactly happens in #15. Hehe. However. Seeing Kurama without a girly look on his face all the time makes me happy anyway! :love:
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Hiei!!! *glomp* Kurama!!! *glomp again*
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haha thanks ^^
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ohh sugoi!! XD i love the semi side profiles
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;drops dead; ;comes back; ;drools; mmmmmmm........ envy envy envy envy envy envy envy envy envy envy envy envy envy envy envy envy.....................
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AMAZING. Great job. its sugoii ^__^
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