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-- Kawaii Killua Kun --

FINALLY DONE!! well i was working really hard on it today and my eyes hurt so the colors look all funny to me... but i like it!! Killua is just so kawaii!! HE'S MINE!! nd julia said #16's out already with him on the cover... gotta see!!! *KYAAAA~~~!!!* *dies from screaming too much* i'm completely obsessed over him. well shoutouts to:
and and
for just being super nice to me nd dealing with my Killua craze! XD
hehe Hug i Heart ya lotz!

the amazing adorable fantastic super strong chou kawaii and kakkoii Killua is copyright to the great mangaka, Worship Yoshihiro Togashi sama!! Worship
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He's so cuute!! :D (And I'm sorry but.. He is miiiiine! u_u )
Kira-Nyan's avatar
Ahhh so cute! :'D
small-yeast-dumpling's avatar
sooooooooo cuteeeeeeeeee
Piyoooo13's avatar
KiGaMin's avatar
Love the disclaimer! XD
Killua <3 ...
GonXKillua's avatar
Aha, no HE'S MINE!!!!!!!!!! -takes him- -looks down- Eh, we can share ^^ Killua lovers are my friends..
-hand cuffs Killua to self-
Killua: -_-*

your an amazing drawer! You made Killua look SO CUTE 8D KYA!!!!
I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!
K-Miya's avatar
yeah he's kawai <3
Aha.. that's a really good drawing. ^^ nice work
taioshi's avatar
Hahaha! this is very cool and cute!:D I really like the oekaki style here, and how happy he looks!
PrincessSakuraChan's avatar
omg!!!! it is so KAWAII~~~~~~~~~ <33333
MayaSuzuki's avatar
waaaaaah >,< kicchaaaaaan <3
luca4ever's avatar
Thats soooo cuuuuuute![link]
KristinaGehrmann's avatar
This is so cute and adorable ^__^
Keep drawing :heart:
PtitAngeSun's avatar
I LOVE HIM X3 !!! fangirl power :3 !
You drew him so wonderfull :hug: !!
So cute, so kawai, so pretty.... Geeeeee =)
kawaii !!!
NiCe job ^^
KawaiiPOP's avatar
OMG >< killua soo Kuuute
Lindajing's avatar
But he can still rip peoples hearts out....<_<;
famoustruth's avatar

Killua is by far my favorite character from HxH. ^_^ Yay for him! <333
kit-kat-krap's avatar
KILLUA!!! XD! SO CUTE! iloveyoufordrawingthiswondefulpicture!
he makes ya wanna glomp him~
> W <
Silvarius86's avatar
Kawaii! Killua is my fav! :XD:
kinly's avatar
I like killua ..fav !!!
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