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i like this title... HxHxH ^^
okay anyways... HALLOWEEN SPIRIT!!!! though its like... 3 weeks past halloween already ^^;; im just too lazy >< anyways, i got SOOOO lazy and i like totally changed this whole thing.... i cut off the lil kurapika and leorio in the back... and i totally gave up on the mini manga story thing to go along with this picture.... i'll just explain it in words:

killua's just watching some scary (well not scary for him) thing on tv as gon, kurapika and leorio are all getting ready in their costumes.... and gon asks why he isnt getting ready to go trick or treating, which all of a sudden rings a bell in killua's head -- CANDY!!! buuut he doesnt have time to get a costume so he just thinks *halloween... BLOOD!* sooo he rips up his clothes and starts beating himself up to show blood ^^;; but he doesnt mind cuz he's too excited about the loads of candy he's gonna get XD yeah i'm really really dumb ^^;;;; anyways how could killua forget about trick or treating!?

anyways.... about the pic, it was like a really fast CG... really sloppy and stuff. please dun mind the fake-lookin blood i suck at stuff like that ^^;; but i like killua's hair ^^ he looks so cute all hyper from the candy and not feeling any pain :D and i found out that fog is great. its really easy to make, and it covers up all the lil smudges and stuff XD and obviously killua would prefer the 'treat' instead of the 'trick' (though i think he would be great at tricking) so that's why its all big ^^

so a very late happy halloween to everyone ^^;;
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What an..........interesting......costuuuuume? Im not so sure....