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Hatred Cover

Well ok, i guess i have to explain everything first.
Our school got this publishing kit thing... and mostly everyone made a book... like a real book. we just turned it in, and they're gonna publish it... into like a real hard cover book. 2 weeks i heard. And we could do anything... like cookbooks, memories, friends, fiction... and i decided to do DBGT fan fiction! w00t! and since Pan is my fav character (obviously) it's basically based on her.... well Bura and Marron are part of it too... err i'll post it sumday on [link] or sumthin... too lazy at the moment. and i have a LOT more to post that was for this book.... i woulda done even more if i had more time....

so, this is the cover of it... i know it's like really colorful... i can't help it i like colors. and the pics... i'll post them individually later. and i know i totally over-did it with the brushes... i always do that, i go crazy and swirl the whole thing up... o well that's just me. guess that's about it.... *wonders if ppl actually read this long thing...*

Characters (c) Akira Toriyama sama!!
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ww colorful!! nicely done
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That is so kawaii!
I love the colors and everything! I can't wait till that book comes out, I wanna be the first to read it! :D
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I have no clue why I didn't comment on this one either but here goes! IT'S ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE (like chocolate)!!! Clap Pan looks cute and the whole thing is designed so well! The colors are soo happy colors, LoL. I'm always on a red and black this is cool. *cries* I will worship your artwork eve more

Worship Worship Worship Worship Worship

btw, thanks for liking the wallpaper and putting it in your favorites section!
^-^ Hug
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cool! neat effects.. you did a great jod nana
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gah! thats gorgeous!!
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I dig it ;) (Wink) *adds to fav* Pan-chan rules!
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shiiiiiiiny. you know, I hate you. But you know I love you right?
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That'd be cool. To make a Doujinshi outta it I mean. lol. Well, give me a link to your fic later on, k?

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Very colorful!!! You drew all the girls so well!! Though I wonder why such a colorful, happy-looking cover would be titled "Hatred"? Confused Sure is a mystery to me. I'll make sure to check out your fanfic! :D (Big Grin)
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I really like this, it looks like a dôjin cover...

Hey...there's an idea...maybe we could see a dôjin of this story...
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dude thats a cool piccy!
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Awesome!!! That is so well done, I love it!! Clap
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It's really pretty. What's wrong with colour it makes it even more beautiful. Well done Clap
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it is magnificent!!!! I loe it. If I found a book with such a cool cover I would have it instantly. Its the most beautiful thing ever!!!!!

I ADORE the deviation *giggle*

Judge Winner Hug Love
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IT'S......OH MY GOD.....IT'S WONDERFUL.........
Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap
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Yes, Sometimes people do read really long comments. I like this. I like the colours and the format. It's fanart so it doesn't have to be a hundred percent new and different but I guess that I still feel that it's missing a really personal and creative touch. It'd be neat to see more of you in what you post. Cheers.
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