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killuas ice candy by panchan77, visual art

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My Bio
Current Residence: Issaquah, Washington, USA
Favourite genre of music: J-pop/rock
Favourite cartoon character: Killua, L, Hiei, Ryoma, Kikumaru, Jiro, Shaoran, Pan, Haibara, Anna
Personal Quote: yabai yabai YABAI!! x_X;;

Favourite Visual Artist
Yoshihiro Togashi, Yabuki Kentaro, CLAMP
Favourite Movies
sekaino chuushinde aiwo sakebu. daremo shiranai. HagaRen: Shambala wo yuku mono
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
w-inds., sukima switch, Bump of Chicken, Asian Kung-Fu Generation, Utada Hikaru, Do As Infinity, Ayu
Tools of the Trade
pencil, pen, paper, scanner, computer, markers, colored pencils
Other Interests
drawing, anime/manga, web design, jpop
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Hello, I haven't been here for ages. It's surprising to see that people still come to my page and look at my old artworks... It's embarrasing to see how much I sucked xP Yet I wouldn't be able to tell you that I've improved. I guess I've just moved on from my "otaku"-ish phase. However, I plan to continue art. Even though I had pretty much given up on it, I realized that it was a passion, and that I enjoyed it. I was accepted to SVA, the School of Visual Arts in New York, and I plan to go there. I'm planning to major in Graphic Design. I'm still considering Illustration, but I think Graphic Design would be better for my future (aka g
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submitted 3 pieces of crap, will scrap later when I feel it necessary =] I also scrapped a whole buncha shit that was in my gallery... but I dont wanna delete them u know? lol so yeah in the scraps for now. I haven't done anything decent these days. And I don't have a computer cuz mine broke... so I'm hoping to get a new one. so yeah, no CGs for like. a long time. I got more copics... and have been playing around with them, but I just cant get them to work the way I want it. I think I need like special blending paper or something.... I was looking thru my old pics and saw that some pics where I used colored pencils n stuff were better than t
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to those of you who still have me on their list... hello. its been a really loooong time.... lol I always say that don't I. Well I haven't been drawing all year, but today, suddenly I picked up my pencil again lol. And I've realized that I want more copics. Maybe if I buy more I'll draw more. I think they're more fun than CGing, and plus is sooooo much easier and faster. Also, my computer is broken right now... it wont turn on!! soo.... I dont know if it will recover... meaning I might lose all my data and programs... which really sucks. so maybe I'll take some pics with my camera. I just came back from Japan. Sadly, I left on the day the
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Hello I have a question for your Naruto Winter lineart, is it okay if I switch Sakura with my OC :iconbegplz: sorry I am not big fan of Sakura in Naruto
Your art is amazing (I especially love your Killua ones ahh <33)
Watch for you! :'D
^o^ Do you take requests?
heyyy.... why did you block comments on the ed uke thing..... i was going to say i liked it....
hi do you take unpaid requests?
Hello deviantART user are you still on deviantART?