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Kylo Ren is an Idiot - Comic

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Published: December 31, 2015
Kylo Ren is an idiot. And his grandpa thinks so too.

p.s. it’s supposed to be a Magic 8 ball. people still remember those right???

Edit: I guess Magic 8 Balls are still going strong! Thanks for letting me know :)
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thearist2013Student General Artist
because he died a hero by rescuing his son from being tortured by Palatine 
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Spartan545Student General Artist
I would've went with 'Don't count on it' How would Ben react to it?
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lol. He probably would have thrown it across the room. Then he would pout and cross his arms. 
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Spartan545Student General Artist
Classic Toy Story reference of Woody and the 8 Ball.
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I agree, Vader. Its a shame you aren't still around to have whipped his ass into shape.
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CeaciliaSoloHobbyist General Artist
XD I never would've thought of that
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DarthWill3Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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Edward?! Is that you?! :3
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WhiteWingedValkyrieHobbyist General Artist
Ok, i can't help but feel if Disney made a burnt Darth Vader helmet 8-ball, i would totally buy that.
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rababcoHobbyist Traditional Artist
He wants his grandfather to lead him to and show him the power of the darkness but he'd be doing the opposite; he doesn't want his grandson to be like he was and would be doing everything in his power to prevent it. It's basically an insult to Anakin for Kylo to want to be the part of him that was  basically a slave until Luke saved him. It's the main part of the new movie that bugs me.
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Spartan545Student General Artist
Kylo Ren: Grandfather, show me the power of the dark side. *shakes helmet and reveals Vader's answer to his grandson* I don't know the truth about you? Then what don't I know! *shakes helmet again with the answer, You were tricked just as I was!*
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Yammie1233Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh my god I do things like this all the time XD
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Me too :) Just with horoscopes instead!
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Yammie1233Hobbyist Digital Artist
Its good to see that someone is at the same level of crazy as me XD
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elephantblueHobbyist Traditional Artist
This was so funny I almost peed a little.  Well frickin' done.
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Haha! Glad I could make you laugh :)
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LocalAllyHobbyist Traditional Artist
This is too funny.
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CarameliaBrianaStudent Digital Artist
I use to play an 8ball before but it's irritating me sometimes. LOL
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Yeah :) It get boring pretty quick too
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Couldn't help laughing. :D :D
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CChart103Hobbyist General Artist
He clearly doesn't realize that Vader turned back.
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