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Update on life by Pancake-the-Pikachu Update on life :iconpancake-the-pikachu:Pancake-the-Pikachu 36 22 Daria x Mina Body Swap by Pancake-the-Pikachu Daria x Mina Body Swap :iconpancake-the-pikachu:Pancake-the-Pikachu 31 1 Alister Grinvoe by Pancake-the-Pikachu Alister Grinvoe :iconpancake-the-pikachu:Pancake-the-Pikachu 29 2
Cats and Humans are not that Different afterall
Sitting cross legged on the floor, Daria cradled the beloved feline in her arms as it meowed and nuzzles into her bare skin, soft fur brushing comfortably against her frame as gentle hands fondled the cat with adoration. The animator loved Minose as one of her own, although the cat was bound to Missi- the feline equally adored the raven haired girl.
Resting the cat’s head within her right hand, Daria’s cupped the cat’s cheek with her left and rubbed her thumb against the soft patches of fur lining the side of Minose’s head, careful not to disturb the sensitive whiskers as the black tabby meowed lovingly and lifted a paw, batting at the animator’s left arm fondly as if beckoning Daria to continue the attention. The animator agrees and continues giving the feline as much love as she could, cooing softly as the sand-paper tongue groomed her arms.
Minutes passed with the animator sitting on the floor fondling over Minose, but soon the animator noticed the dist
:iconpancake-the-pikachu:Pancake-the-Pikachu 7 0
Ready or not...
The room was completely dark, but Daria’s eyes had already adjusted; sitting beside the bed which provided a comfortable home for their friend’s body to sink into, silvery pink hair spread out all over the pillow as she slept. Black orbs shot right through the darkness, resting upon the pale cheek, smooth, with a little bit of fuzz that was barely visible in the night’s sweet embrace.
The raven haired girl leaned closer... and closer... until...
Mina’s eyes fluttered open, her rest disturbed by an unknown brush as she groaned and sat up, rubbing at an eye as she barely made out the figure sitting next to her bedside.
“Daria? Something up?” The silvery pink haired girl spoke, blinking to allow her eyes to adjust to the dark as Daria’s charming features slowly became apparent. The raven haired girl had her eyes down on the bed, wondering the thin sheets with a purpose as she mumbled beneath her breath.
“I’m looking for something.&
:iconpancake-the-pikachu:Pancake-the-Pikachu 7 0
You could have just Asked!
Mina sighed, dropping another dress onto her bed as she looked into her closet and scratched her head trying to spot the outfit she was looking for. Giving up her search, the blue eyed girl turned and exited her room to ask Daria if she has seen it.
“Hey Daria- have you seen...”
The witch paused when she turned around the corner, blue eyes landing on the animator who was wearing the exact outfit she was searching for. It fit well, probably the only outfit that would, the raven haired girl in the middle of doing examining herself in the mirror and had jumped in surprise upon Mina’s arrival.
“Mina! I- erm- here! I can take it off if you-“
“No no,” the witch waved, covering her mouth with her other hand as she turned; she was a little flustered to see Daria in such a feminine outfit. “You can wear it for today.”
“You sure? I definitely thought you would be...” Daria stopped herself when she couldn’t find the right wor
:iconpancake-the-pikachu:Pancake-the-Pikachu 7 3
Saying Hi by Pancake-the-Pikachu Saying Hi :iconpancake-the-pikachu:Pancake-the-Pikachu 26 2 Basically every Daria x Mina shipper by Pancake-the-Pikachu Basically every Daria x Mina shipper :iconpancake-the-pikachu:Pancake-the-Pikachu 27 1 White rabbit Dari by Pancake-the-Pikachu White rabbit Dari :iconpancake-the-pikachu:Pancake-the-Pikachu 34 3 Happy Couple by Pancake-the-Pikachu Happy Couple :iconpancake-the-pikachu:Pancake-the-Pikachu 31 1 Daria in a suit by Pancake-the-Pikachu Daria in a suit :iconpancake-the-pikachu:Pancake-the-Pikachu 69 1 More cutely tired Daria by Pancake-the-Pikachu More cutely tired Daria :iconpancake-the-pikachu:Pancake-the-Pikachu 24 2 Uh- Something something.. WIP by Pancake-the-Pikachu Uh- Something something.. WIP :iconpancake-the-pikachu:Pancake-the-Pikachu 39 0 Notifications by Pancake-the-Pikachu Notifications :iconpancake-the-pikachu:Pancake-the-Pikachu 22 1 Yeah me bored again by Pancake-the-Pikachu Yeah me bored again :iconpancake-the-pikachu:Pancake-the-Pikachu 26 1 Astrid doodle page by Pancake-the-Pikachu Astrid doodle page :iconpancake-the-pikachu:Pancake-the-Pikachu 21 0


happy neighbor c: by Apofiss happy neighbor c: :iconapofiss:Apofiss 2,625 70 Go to sleep by Silverfox5213 Go to sleep :iconsilverfox5213:Silverfox5213 1,567 75 a compilation of moods by CNeko-chan a compilation of moods :iconcneko-chan:CNeko-chan 299 17 Q and A [13] by CNeko-chan Q and A [13] :iconcneko-chan:CNeko-chan 293 50 Q and A [4] by CNeko-chan Q and A [4] :iconcneko-chan:CNeko-chan 304 103
I’ve found that once or twice I’ve seen a figure from a far-off dream
With hair as red as open scars, a gown like blinding, burning stars
With arms outstretched to hold my frame, a voice that whispers out my name -
I’ve heard the distant call
Increase in volume every day.
She understands my depth of pain, yet at the mention of her name
Psychologists abandon me, for someone less inclined to be
In love with her like I have been, for someone who would rather sing
Less praises of how much she cares
And how she wants to help me.
But they could never understand, their “sadness” is just second hand
To mine, a pain that’s so persistent that they’ve told me it’s resistant
To any form of help they’ve got. A diagnosis? No, I’ve been shot
I’m bleeding slowly out
But nobody can see the wound.  
Through years of futile therapy, the figure, she’s been there for me
I see her waiting just outside until I’m finally satisf
:iconimissmi:IMissMi 11 6
Cat magnets! by Zombiesmile Cat magnets! :iconzombiesmile:Zombiesmile 1,049 37 Twin Barred Tree Snake by Culpeo-Fox Twin Barred Tree Snake :iconculpeo-fox:Culpeo-Fox 364 8 Mama by Credens-Vita Mama :iconcredens-vita:Credens-Vita 211 50 Daily Paint 2424. Kiltten by Cryptid-Creations Daily Paint 2424. Kiltten :iconcryptid-creations:Cryptid-Creations 3,810 114 Daily Paint 2422. Bearyl by Cryptid-Creations Daily Paint 2422. Bearyl :iconcryptid-creations:Cryptid-Creations 6,381 182 17 years later by kawacy 17 years later :iconkawacy:kawacy 3,072 134 luminous by Apofiss luminous :iconapofiss:Apofiss 2,149 26 Fox Trap by Silverfox5213 Fox Trap :iconsilverfox5213:Silverfox5213 1,550 61 The Zombie Song by ChibiDonDC The Zombie Song :iconchibidondc:ChibiDonDC 979 40 Little Night Light by TsaoShin Little Night Light :icontsaoshin:TsaoShin 2,665 131


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Pancake-the-Pikachu's Profile Picture
Sora Marisisgon Xi
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
My real name is Sora. My partner is Pancake: he’s my only joy.


The story of Pancake is that when I got my first Pokémon game ever: Pokemon Platinum, I had caught a male Pikachu and jokingly named it Pancake after my friends and I were chugging Maple Syrup. Surprisingly, he became a loyal and yet powerful asset to my team, despite always being the first to faint he was there for set up, strategy, and overall became my wild card for any battle. From then on I always had a Pikachu name Pancake in every Pokemon game ever ^^

A little about Pancake:
- Like regular Pikachus he loves to drink a condiment out of a bottle, but only it’s maple syrup and not ketchup.
- He has a lightning bolt scar over his left eye, no one knows where he got it
- his left eye is grey and blind because of said scar. His right eye is red
- He has a red bandana scarf that was given to him by me
- He has a different form called “Bloodlust”
- Unlike normal Pikachus, his fur is lighter, cheeks darker, and the brown stripes on his back and tail are lighter as well
- He has a neutral nature
- other info will come as more art of him is released!

As for the cute tan and white husky puppy you see- that’s Otto. My son who tragically got ran over by a truck on April 10, 2018. He will live on here on my account <3

Note that I will NOT tolerate any mean-ness going on here on my profile and you immediately be blocked. I want my community to be a place where everyone can get together and have fun. If you are someone who got blocked; I can give you a second chance after you wait 24-48 hours to be unblocked.

Please note that this profile contains sin, cancer, cursing, and other unholy materials which you will need to wash with wat ever suits you.

This profile does not hand out holy water, crosses, or bibles, So please bring your own holy materials.


Gay frogs.

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I do not do requests, but I will do commissions and collabs with art trades depending on the people I'm trading with.


Just popping in here for a special announcement  Pikachu Plz 

Remember how a while back I was hired to help a team work on a manga? Well it’s finally officially out and we’re working hard to upload chapters on a scheduale!  Pikachu enjoying his donut (Emoticon) 

The main source will be uploaded on Webtoons, found here:…

We also have an Instagram and YouTube channel! You can search the manga - “Rise of the Elites” or simply click the YT link here:…

P.S. I recommend watching the YT version, since Webtoons has a limitation and will scrunch the pages if they don’t fit the requirements

I hope you all enjoy! The team has been working very hard on it! Shout out to my boss- KingCharles, he’s just the best PMD Pikachu Icon 13