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On leadership...
I know these two ways:
Either you lead by order
or by example!
:iconpanartias:Panartias 17 8
To the Goddess - Part 2
So Priscilla's cats,
are two big, cute Maine Coons,
called Ouzo and Sam.
They both are "her boys"
and she loves them both so dearly,
with her whole, big heart.
Hey, beautiful girl,
you will never be alone,
for we won't leave you!
:iconpanartias:Panartias 7 10
To the Goddess...
My head in your lap,
like Ouzo the big Maine Coon,
hopes to be patted!
:iconpanartias:Panartias 10 12
Humans and wolves
Humans and wolves
are more alike than they think
both are pack-animals.
And no one wants to be
the telltale "lone wolf"
for we desire company.
The fairy tales of old,
warn us of the "bad wolf".
Was it the same for you?
When we first met
I sensed more curiosity,
than danger or fear.
Rather two lonely souls,
drawn together under the moon,
recognizing each other.
My proud she-wolf,
don't let anyone,
treat you like a bitch!
For you are a goddess,
even among wolves
and I love you!
:iconpanartias:Panartias 12 16
Wolf - banner by Panartias Wolf - banner :iconpanartias:Panartias 2 8 True werewolf and priest of Malar by Panartias True werewolf and priest of Malar :iconpanartias:Panartias 10 14
Horror Haiku
Beware of the many
demons shrouded in shadows
going to get you!
:iconpanartias:Panartias 3 15
Tribute to a Friend - Part 2
Hey, Pris from D.A.,
please do not go straight away,
I want you to stay!
Loved you from the start,
so I am your “Ace of Heart”,
let us never part!
:iconpanartias:Panartias 7 8
Tribute to a Friend
My dear, beautiful Pris
I would like you to kiss, 
as soon as you can,
a real, loving man,
because I know what you miss...
It's APlaceToBelong
welcoming and strong, 
where mutual care, 
is not something rare, 
like in Henry Rollins' song!
So why can't you see,
what you are to me?
You're pretty and smart,
with a kind, loving heart!
You don't know what the future will be!
:iconpanartias:Panartias 8 12
Dry maple leaf by Panartias Dry maple leaf :iconpanartias:Panartias 23 22 Female half-elf Bard with cat familiar by Panartias Female half-elf Bard with cat familiar :iconpanartias:Panartias 14 32 Female half-elf Bard in color by Panartias Female half-elf Bard in color :iconpanartias:Panartias 11 5 Female half-elf Bard, black and white by Panartias Female half-elf Bard, black and white :iconpanartias:Panartias 11 14
Halloween Haiku
Empty eyes staring,
An evil grin on the face
Of the carved pumpkin!
:iconpanartias:Panartias 9 20
A Croakus Pocus
Barosus the frog-wizard
Working word-magic!
:iconpanartias:Panartias 4 2
Magical pendant by Panartias Magical pendant :iconpanartias:Panartias 8 9


Underworld by VeraVoyna Underworld :iconveravoyna:VeraVoyna 93 13
Leading from the Shadows
You can lead from the shadows
Never having a fear of assault
As you are not in the light of their sight
Lead from example
Show how the world works
But never let them get out of hand
If they do, you may need fear
To stay where you are
Leading and showing the way
Instead of being the one shown the way.
:iconjundshard:JundShard 8 15
Poet's War
T'was digging a grave
At the gates of Hades
When a preacher passed me by
He was dressed for war
And in his hands he bore
A poem that he let fly
It soars out to hit
A wicked ship
Where a pirate's flag flew high
The air then rung
With the dread ship's guns
and poems filled the sky
A black wolf howled
Her poetry loud
Her attack was underway
Armed to the teeth
With poems deep
The wolf had joined the fray
Across the plains
more warriors came
an archer shot a haiku
The preacher stood tall
refusing to fall
blow for blow he threw
More then hurled
Into this war of words
Word smiths honed their pens
What started a duel
Had grown with fuel
Turned into a war of friends
But at this rate
We'll run out of graves
I guess I'll return to work
I might just observe
These poets words
As the duelists go berserk.
:iconwolfofdecay:WolfofDecay 13 8
Theatrical warfare
The stage was set, for yet another play
A lone wolf howling on stage, how could she know
That today would find her, at the center of the fray
Her song rang through the forest leaves
To the pleasure of a Bishop on his morning stroll
Aproaching her with pride and care, he was deftly struck
By a pirate also seeking her favour
Competing for her honour, they traded blows
'Till the wolf growled, making her case clear
That she was the top predator on stage
And the two fell in line beside their alpha, pure and wise
Thus they walked with pride, together as friends
When suddenly, an ambush was upon them
One by one, members of the audience joined the play
Some taking potshots, others rushing headlong
A bloodbath was sure to ensue, the gravedigger was wise to see
Witnessing the onslaught from afar, he knew he would have work to do
As the theater errupted, the audience relishing the show!
:icontheroyalcommunist:TheRoyalCommunist 6 9
The New Challenger - A Haiku Complex
A challenger comes
As iron sharpens iron
We hone each other
But it's not about
Hierarchical accolades
Just friends wrestling
There is no malice
Tumbling, grappling joyfully
Eyes sparkling bright
Laughing as we roll
Each blow becomes a blessing
Kinship burning bright
By all means join in
Siblings sparring playfully
With verbal weapons
©All original work copyright Edward D Cates 2018
:iconbarosus:Barosus 12 12
Weapons of Love
The preacher sees you
With your trouble clouded gaze
Standing close at hand
With a smile he speaks
Let me set your mind at ease
Man of Mr. E
There's no danger here
Quite the opposite in fact
Lift your eyes anew
We are not wounded
There will be no battle scars
This brings only life
We have armed our guns
With healing bullets of love
Fear no cannonade
Should you dare join
Know these weapons will not wound
Let your fear decay
Brandish pen. sir
We absolve you, should you join
Love will win the day
©All original work copyright Edward D Cates 2018
:iconbarosus:Barosus 15 8
question for the preacher
the cabin boy
made his way
from his place below deck
and up the stairs
and onto the ship as it'll sway
the pirate
the amphibian preacher and
the black sigiled wolf
continued to bicker
and the boy had enough for today
he walked up to the preacher
the pirate
the wolf
with question that had built up all day
"what in the world started all this
to make you three behave this way?"
the three stared at the boy
soon with grins on their face
and the three of simply shrugged
the green haired cabin boys jaw gaped
but soon a new question arose
and at his mind tugged
the boy shook his head
and decided at least
"um... are you a preacher or a priest?"
:icon12greenboy123:12greenboy123 5 25
OC Interview - Croche Connors
Here's the interview for Croche, a character from a story I'm currently writing. He's not much of a talker, so it'll be short.

1. Pick one of your OCs.
2. Fill in the questions/statements as if you were your OC.
3. Your OC cannot lie, but they can refuse to answer.
4. Journal's title should be OC Interview
5. Tag as many people as you want. 
6. And most importantly....  
Have fun!

Croche Connors

1. What is your name?
Croche Connors.

2. Do you know why you were named that?

Connors is my father's name. I think my first name was a nickname first. But it sticked around.

3. Nice! So... what's your current age?

I am 21 years old. We use the traditional counting from Earth at the station.

4. Single or taken?

5. Have any abilities or powers?

I know how to use guns. I can operate heavy
:iconspacelorenz:SpaceLorenz 2 3
Gesta by VeraVoyna Gesta :iconveravoyna:VeraVoyna 335 9 Me in a dress by Priswolf Me in a dress :iconpriswolf:Priswolf 22 47
OC Interview - Luug
Here's some insight on my most carelessly free character, Luug!

1. Pick one of your OCs.
2. Fill in the questions/statements as if you were your OC.
3. Your OC cannot lie, but they can refuse to answer.
4. Journal's title should be OC Interview
5. Tag as many people as you want. 
6. And most importantly....  
Have fun!


1. What is your name?
My name is Luug!

2. Do you know why you were named that?

I came naturally, as it always does actually.

3. Nice! So... what's your current age?

I am 300 years old or so... I didn't really count, but I remember that volcano eruption back then.

4. Single or taken?
Single! That is weird to say actually.

5. Have any abilities or powers?

I am a dragon as well as a mean from a human point of view, right? I can use magic, I know some of you cannot... I ha
:iconspacelorenz:SpaceLorenz 1 6
Contest: Dalindra by 1Enary1 Contest: Dalindra :icon1enary1:1Enary1 112 17 Farewell 2 by 88grzes Farewell 2 :icon88grzes:88grzes 10,676 362
A True Leader
Who is the leader?
One who gives others orders,
Or one who makes them?
:iconjundshard:JundShard 5 18
The true leader of the pack
Her crimson red eyes
Shine brightly in the darkness
Her soft, warm abyssal black fur
Camouflaging her body
But there is another set of eyes
That can focus only on hers
For he is a creature of light
And the darkness blinds him
He would follow her anywhere
Trusting her with his precious life
And she would carefully guide him
For she is the true leader of the pack
:iconpriswolf:Priswolf 24 25
A Precarious Warmth
Four eyes shining
Two bodies sharing warmth
Outside winter howls
©All original work copyright Edward D Cates 2018
:iconbarosus:Barosus 14 17



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49 deviations
Stolen from Shesvii

Bullet; Pink First 10 people to comment on this journal will be featured.
Bullet; Pink I will choose from 3 to 5 deviations from your gallery.
Bullet; Pink If you comment please copy and paste the rules of this game into your own Journal and have me featured in the first slot.
Bullet; Pink The idea is to spread art around, not get free features!

Art feature:

1.) Please check out Shesvii:

Mature Content

Jade from Djinn fanart by Shesvii
  Vanity by Shesvii  Lion  by Shesvii 

Mature Content

Coral [Commission for sirenabonita] by Shesvii

2.) And check out LacrimareObscura

The Wolfs Revenge (Contest Entry) by LacrimareObscura  Spying Ellara (Art Prize) by LacrimareObscura  Dark powers by LacrimareObscura  Killeanas inner flames (Birthday Gift) by LacrimareObscura

3.) Not to forget the amazing Priswolf

Superman by Priswolf  Carrying the weightThe clouds are packing
Carrying the weight
Of the heavy rains
Until it becomes
Way too heavy for them
To carry it anymore
And they have no choice
But to unleash the rain
That will drench us all
  The tyrantAncient legends have told
About many fearsome tyrants
So let me tell you the story
Of a tyrant no one knows
Yet, to me, this tyrant
Is much more fearsome
Than any other tyrant
I have ever heard of
As this one is still
Very much alive
And I can't escape
His tyranny
No matter
How hard
I try
  The magical pirateA pirate so slick
Using special magic
He will offer you anything
Wine, candles, a golden ring
You want to refuse but you can’t
He floods you with everything you want
You will slowly succumb to his charms
Until he holds you in his strong arms
He touches you, the softest caress
Before swiftly undoing your dress
You don’t stop him, but give in
Whatever, let the fun begin

4.) And AHowDraws

Orochimaru by AHowDraws  Trainer Red by AHowDraws   

5.) As well as Iwana-Red:

The Trumps of Amber [RPG OCs] by Iwana-Red  Misericorde [sketch] by Iwana-Red  The prince by Iwana-Red  Magic pipe by Iwana-Red
6.) And L-B-Demaree

Helping Hand Chapter 1It was a warm and sunny day out, when Oliver suddenly noticed a puppy was roaming around his house, looking for something to eat. This puppy had no tags on it, nor did it look in good condition. The puppy was starved, bones showing that it had gone without food for a long time. Oliver went to pick the puppy up, who whimpered loudly, showing pain in her front paw. Oliver was careful enough to hold her in his arms, taking her to the vet immediately.
Once at the vet, Oliver waited to be called back by a doctor. When he got called back, he walked into the room with the puppy still in his arms. “Hello. I’m Dr. Baker. How can I help you today?” Dr. Baker asked. “I found this poor little girl roaming around my yard today, and when I went to pick her up, she whimpered in pain which is coming from her front paw. I’m not sure how long she’s been on the streets for, but she’s been starved to almost death, as you can tell,” Oliver explained. Dr. Bake
  Brothers and Sisters In Arms Chapter 1Chapter 1
It was a dark and stormy night in the mountains of Italy. All of the troops were either sleeping on rocks or patrolling the area for enemies. Sergeant Baker was called to action as he was sleeping on a rock. He woke up, going to his brothers in arms. “What is it Corporal?” Baker asked. Corporal Dixon explained everything to him, telling him where the enemies were attacking from. Baker nodded and ran to cover, getting his team rounded up for action. When Baker saw enemy movement, he ordered his team to outflank the enemies.
Sergeant Major Johnson had gotten shot by the enemy. He was crying out for help when Lieutenant James Marsh heard the cry. He ran over to Sergeant Major Johnson and took him back to the hiding area, healing up his wounds the best he could. Baker saw the perfect opportunity to flank the German infantry, so he took his chances and ran to the left, hiding behind barrels and wagons, killing the German enemies. He heard bombers coming over,
  Christian Quote #18 by L-B-Demaree  My Dear FriendMy Dear Friend
My Dear Friend,
You have been there
For me, through thick and thin
I never want
To lose your friendship
Seeing as we’ve been friends
For such a long time
I love receiving the gifts
You always send me in the mail
Even through Facebook Messenger
As you always put a smile
On my face, every day

7.) Plus PrecariouslyPeculiar:

Tanka 1Doesn't nigiri
look like a food eraser?
An apt description
Raw fish on rice, when eaten,
erases all your troubles
  Senryu 1Autumn leaves' colors
are proof that mother nature
does have a child
  Haiku 1Autumn leaves
Barefoot on cold black tar
She spreads her arms
  Tanka 5So precarious
and oh so peculiar
is the Dragon Queen
who breathes words made of fire
whose sapphire scales gleam

8.) And SuiroAtair

Shane by SuiroAtair  Found you by SuiroAtair  Link and Zelda are lost by SuiroAtair  A Moment's Peace by SuiroAtair 

9.) And LeilaAscariz (her journal is actually about OC's, but I think this fits here):

Skull and Shackles team by LeilaAscariz  Olin colored by LeilaAscariz  OC-tober #23: Svala Solgeirr by LeilaAscariz    Mother Maiden Crone by LeilaAscariz 

10.) Plus last but not least SongbirdRebel :

Hadassah Toellas Ul Azuria by SongbirdRebel    July by SongbirdRebel    Prince Shiro by SongbirdRebel    September by SongbirdRebel


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