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Commission: RPG party by StefanoMarinetti Commission: RPG party :iconstefanomarinetti:StefanoMarinetti 21 5 Swordsman vs suspicious vampire by Whiluna Swordsman vs suspicious vampire :iconwhiluna:Whiluna 940 38
To Safety
The room had been cleared of all furniture, save a small cot. Kalimè watched quietly as the family gathered about her. Ælithil knelt beside her, grasping her hand firmly while Estelæth held the other. “An’da knows what he is doing Nésa. It will be all right.” He did his best to sound reassuring in the face of her fears. She nodded slowly, her swollen face unreadable. “It’s different than a portal. And An’da has us stable, remember?”
“I remember,” she answered softly, not entirely convinced. Her pale face turned its gaze to the window, watching the evening light. “Este? Is there water?” Anything to keep her mind from the teleport. If it were even possible. The ancient woman at her side reached down and retrieved a wine skin.
“Here, little one.” Estelæth brought the open end to Kali’s lips as Æl helped his twin sit up slightly. “Not too much at once,” Este reminde
:icontindomielsilverthorn:TindomielSilverthorn 4 4
Marianne (raffle prize) by thebadgerfoxdraws Marianne (raffle prize) :iconthebadgerfoxdraws:thebadgerfoxdraws 17 13 Request - Glip by LauraMegara Request - Glip :iconlauramegara:LauraMegara 27 10
8 Facts about Reianas Starmane

Reianas Starmane (aka Anas) is my World of Warcraft character. He's a fashion designer and a tailor (formerly a priest of Elune).

1) He prefers to be referred to as "Anas" rather than "Rei" because "Rei" is a feminine aspect of his name. His mother, Ysil'lethea Starmane, was hoping for a girlchild whom she wanted to name Sha'reiann. When a son was born to her instead, she simply gave him a slightly more masculinised version of the same name.
2) Anas is 500 years old and has centuries of experience at designing and tailoring clothes. He specialises in robes and dressmaking. He keeps a sketchbook for the various designs he comes up with and offers it regularly to customers for browsing. Despite this, he can and does work on custom designed pieces as well.
3) Anas is the youngest in his family. He has twin older sisters named Shuvi and Sheronda, both priestesses of Elune. The Starmanes of Winterspring are known
:icondevsash:devsash 2 5
2000 Watchers Raffle Results!

I would like to say "thank you" to all of you who joined the raffle, wrote a sweet journal about my art or decided to donate some awesome rewards.

Check out DA members who donated rewards:
:iconleilaascariz: :iconpaulaedith: :iconIduna-Haya: :iconredmony: :iconLacrimareObscura: :iconanneauxdelacroix: :iconFarewell-BlackParade: :iconalrooney: :iconpanartias: :iconlihyan96: :iconkarmikosmic: :iconahowdraws: :iconeilrachi: :iconthebadgerfoxdraws: :iconfredsternl:
Guys, you're awesome!
Thank you!


I had no idea that running a raffle can be such a huge task! There was almost hundred entries and I think that's amazing! I think every artist struggle with self confidence from time to time. But you guys had wrote so many nice things! I'll be coming back to your words if self-doubt will get me
:iconlenamoart:LenamoArt 4 23
Mature content
A lovely shower :iconpriswolf:Priswolf 10 17
The lonely girl
There is a girl sitting on her bed. Alone. She is lonely. Every time she thinks she makes a friend, they end up leaving her behind. As does most of her family. She starts to get afraid to get close to people, as she is afraid they will leave her too. It hurts.
There is a voice. It comes out of nowhere. No, it comes from her own mind! “Put on a mask,” it says. “Don’t let anyone see how you feel. They will think you are weak.”
She quietly puts on the mask. It is a beautiful one. No one will know what is underneath. Actually, no one will guess it is even a mask at all. It looks so real!
She wears the mask during the day, but breaks down when she takes it off at night. She feels ignored or misunderstood. “Why is it so hard to make friends?” she asks herself. She has asked herself this question time and time again. Every time another person disappears from her life, she would ask herself this question.
I want to hug her, but I can’t. I know ho
:iconpriswolf:Priswolf 24 30
Mature content
A relaxing massage :iconpriswolf:Priswolf 7 10
Healing Time (poem)
Healing Time
From time to time
the world is grey
from time to time
you loose your way
From time to time
you may feel small
from time to time
an endless fall
From time to time
you sit and cry
but everytime
each tear will dry
From time to time
there is a heart
from time to time
a loving guard
From time to time
another chance
from time from time
a perfect dance
:iconlacrimareobscura:LacrimareObscura 11 20
Sassy Dragon - Fashion Designer form in Dresses by SassyDragon18 Sassy Dragon - Fashion Designer form in Dresses :iconsassydragon18:SassyDragon18 32 15 Request - Jytha by LauraMegara Request - Jytha :iconlauramegara:LauraMegara 35 30
1000 Watchers Raffle! (Winner)
The winner is in!

Aaaaand that's :iconkrahler:! Congratulations!
I'll contact you via note in a few minutes. :)
Thank you to everyone for participating! Please don't be sad if you didn't win, while raffles will be rare, there'll be more in the future.
Hey everyone!
First and foremost thank you all for 1000 watchers! I know that by 8 years, at least 90% are inactive, but I still appreciate so many people find my art worth it. This goes to the people who actually stuck with me for years just as well as those of you who only recently stumbled across my profile.
As a little thank you, I want to give something back.
Bullet; Blue You must be a watcher to enter
New watchers are welcome, but please only do so if you really like my art and consider watching me for more than just winning a prize.
:icontinuvion:Tinuvion 10 28
Melting lava
It feels like my head is a volcano
Boiling dreams and memories
Thoughts that can melt me
Like lava can melt stone
Am I made out of stone?
Sometimes it feels like I am
As cold and unfeeling
But then there are
Moments like these
When the feelings
Are too much to handle
Feeling like these thoughts
Are like lava, melting me
:iconpriswolf:Priswolf 21 8
NSFW D.Va by GawkInn
Mature content
NSFW D.Va :icongawkinn:GawkInn 306 67



15 deviations
A shout out and thank you to two awesome artists:
first of all to the sweet LauraMegara , who fulfilled my request for Glip:
Request - Glip by LauraMegara
And second to the great thebadgerfoxdraws for donating part of the raffle prize I won from LenamoArt :
Marianne (raffle prize) by thebadgerfoxdraws it because of commissions, art-trades or a raffle win: General info about my three most important characters


My namesake character for this forum - more about him here: OC - interview Panartias

Panartias OC Commission by sylessae

Portrait by the wonderful sylessae 

CM - Raise your Sword by Isi-Daddy  CM - Together in a lonesome Land by Isi-Daddy

These pieces are by the fantastic Isi-Daddy 

Panartias AT by Iwana-Red

Portrait by the lovely Iwana-Red 

Panartias by SilkyNoire
Character-portrait by the very talented SilkyNoire 

Commission // Panartias by Loustration

Another character-portrait by the sweet Loustration 

Panartias original by Panartias
Plus one by the fabulous Teradiam 

Panartias [AT] by LeilaAscariz

And last but non least an action-shot by the awesome LeilaAscariz 

Marianne von Rittersblut

Another D&D-character - more about her here: OC - interview Marianne von Rittersblut

Marianne original by Panartias

Portrait by the fabulous Teradiam 

Commission: Marianne von Rittersblut by StefanoMarinetti

And by the magnificent StefanoMarinetti 

Marianne (raffle prize) by thebadgerfoxdraws

And a headshot - raffle prize by the great thebadgerfoxdraws 


My oldest D&D-character - more about him here: OC - interview Simur

Simur original by Panartias
Again by the fabulous Teradiam 

Simur [Gift art] by LeilaAscariz

And by the awesome LeilaAscariz 

CM - One with the Trees by Isi-Daddy

And another one by the fantastic Isi-Daddy 

Lord Saphir

Not my D&D character, but that of a good friend. Lady Mary's husband...

Saphir original by Panartias

Portrait by the fabulous Teradiam 

Beltana a gipsy-thief and dancer and one of Panartias followers:

Beltana by Cupric

My first ever raffle win - portrait by the amazing Cupric 


Panartias baby riding-dragon and cute sidekick:

Request - Glip by LauraMegara

Request, done by the sweet LauraMegara 

To be continued - more to come soon!


Panartias's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
Avatar / Profile Picture of my OC Panartias by the wonderful sylessae!


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