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Akilah strode around the room. The subject of 'Asura' was still sensitive, even after a thousand years. "No," she said decisively. "It's not him."

"Come on, Akilah!" Aharnish barked at his older sister. "Can't you see the resemblance? It's rather striking, right?
"His face, the suit, everything fits perfectly! Set his hair on fire and it's Asura!" He paused and chuckle. "Even his personality. He was too innocent to harm a butterfly, Akilah. It's sad."

Akilah made a sharp turn, her hazel eyes spouting fire. "If he's everything you say he is," she said, sounding as if she was accusing Aharnish of something, "then why didn't he act differently? He's just as gullible as all the others were."

Aharnish smirked. "Ince seems to disagree."

"Even Asura himself sees it," Ince said, agreeing with his brother. "He's
scared of what we'll do with the boy when he gets to the Castle. He's desperate to capture the kid and claim him as his own."

Akilah rolled her eyes and let out a sigh of exaspheration. "He's done that with
so many," she said. "He has no idea." 

"Oh, but I think he does," Ince objected. "There's a reason he's still got those two goofs under his control, isn't there?"

Akilah snorted in dismay. "Ah. The rebel and the accident." She paused. "To be honest, I thought that that 'accident' was the one, too.

"Turns out I was wrong."

Aharnish laughed heartily. "Yeah, he had us all fooled, the rascal," he said. "Still don't know how that could've happened, though."

Akilah shrugged. "Who knows?" she said. She then turned around, facing away from her brothers, staring at the blinding ball of light kilometres above them. 

"So... you're confident that this boy, James Riverdale, is the one?"

Akilah knew that both her brothers nodded. "Yes," Ince said.

Akilah sighed. "Fine," she said, "but I'll have to see for myself first."

Did I ever mention that the Spirits were supposed to be far more cruel than they are now? I also believe I teased that Akilah was the original villain... well, James and his friends were supposed to save Lunaria, but in a lot... different way.

There's a reason all those Guardians, generation after generation, died. There's a reason the main characteristic of each Guardian has to be innocence.

There's a reason a literal Guardian of Innocence exists.

This idea is still... to be considered canon. But in different context.

I promised myself I wouldn't write for The Great Beginning until October, but I didn't say anything about concepts and ideas... the story is far more solid by now. And dark.

Yet, still less dark than it could've been.
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