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.:Spoiled child comin' thru (Christmas haul '15):.

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Oh my God, I feel so spoiled... I can't deny that I love it tho, hehe Bill Cipher emote 


My family is beginning to accept my new obsession... although I might've offended my aunt when I said me and my brother were "the fun side of the family" when she called us out on asking for toys (hence why she got me the girly stuff that's kind of half-left out of the picture).

Most of it is from my parents, tho. I have the Yoda shirt double now tho... I'm going to return it and buy an R2 one, instead. I LOVE THE FLANNEL SO MUCH OH MY GOD it's really got that Markiplier feel to it when I wear it Also, there was a Captain Rex keychain in that blue egg... including a stick-on tattoo and stickers. It's so cute ehmehgerd nostop I need a Disney infinity figurine of Rex... and PADMÉ FRICKING AMIDALA!!!!!

AND YES. TO. ALL. THE STAR WARS DISNEY INFINITY STUFF.  I love I love I love. Got some fireworks too, and some heart-shaped jewellery (my mum knows I love heart-shaped necklaces and earrings and stuff). I've wanted those two Zelda games forever though!! (The hype was real when Triforce heroes came out. Also, the end of the first boss battle versus Yuga - SAVAGE (he reminds me so much of Kylo Ren Idek))

THE FORCE AWAKENS KILLED ME. RUINED ME. DESTROYED ME. But oh boy 100/10 would watch again.

Anyway, Merry Christmas, everyone! I might as well be buying meself a certain fantasy book and very interesting skeleton-themed RPG game this week. *wink wink*
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