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.:Spirit of Hope:.

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"He rose, noticing that he'd forever changed; he had died, yet was now reborn into something else.

On the outside, he'd hardly changed, but on the inside, something had happened. Something that had changed him forever.

As he looked at his friends, he knew he could no longer return home with them; he was now one of the Spirits.

The Spirit of Hope was born."

Found these three jewels in my concept art folder... They're concept art for someone I call "The Spirit of Light". He's created in one of the three alternate endings to Darkness Rising, preventing at least one major character death from happening. I spent a lot of time jerking around with the colour scheme; I just don't know which one I like better.

Same thing goes for the three endings; I guess I'll just write the three of them, and then continue with the one I like most. (There's just so many possibilities; there are about five interchangeable sub-endings, too... I just don't know which one to choose)!

This Spirit's identity is kind of obvious though, I believe. Hehe. Although he no longer needs his glasses, he still wears them for old time's sake. The dork.
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It's not uncommon for characters who suddenly no longer need their glasses to see to keep wearing them so it's not just that he's a dork that he's doing it; though considering who it is, yes it partly is because he's a dork.
I have a feeling that if you go with this ending, I'm going to start sobbing when I get to the end. Even if the death is noble and/or necessary, I still feel like crying if a character I like dies. I may or may not cry physically but my inner fangirl will be in hysterics for a good while.