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I drew this sketch quickly for a Tumblr ask.

The question was: Your first OC ever? 

NOTE: this girl and everything about and around her dates WAY back to 2007-ish.

How does one draw owls!? Anyway, meet a sketchy-sketchy Sarah Sharay and her companion Archimedes! 

I wrote about her in a story I called “Owl City,” which was one of my first attempts at writing a book (I was about 6-7), due one of the teachers at school giving me a “Hero’s journey” storywriting program, which was created for smart kids who liked literature. I still have (and sometimes use!) it!

I don’t remember much about it, except for the fact that she was twelve and her parents had just “divorced” (that was a lie to explain her father’s disappearance, but Sarah didn’t know) and she and her mom and deaf  little brother Roy had just moved to another town. The house they live in turns out to have been abandoned for quite a while, and it’s shortly after their arrival that Sarah finds out she can talk to animals. The owls needed her help with something, and it involved her father in some way so she decided to help out the owls.

I dunno. XD I had this weird owl-obsession back when I was little, especially after we had this guy at school who trained owls and apparently also was the owner of the owl that played Pigwidgeon in the Harry Potter movies.

Also, it's supposed to be colored that way... it just didn't come out as good as I thought it would in my mind.

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