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.:Cinderella AU: The Lady and the Prince:.

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The sketch is lazy, I know... But I just wanted to show off Lady and Prince Noir's designs first. Anyway, onto the story!

Once upon a time...

Marinette Dupain is merely a baker's daughter, who is often bullied by the daughter of her father's landowner, Chloe Bourgeois.

Chloe believes that she is better than Marinette in any way. The fact that Sabrina, Chloe's servant, follows her around and backs her up on everything, doesn't help. 

On one fateful day, when Marinette is out of town, making deliveries for her father, Chloe and Sabrina laugh at Marinette, while brandishing an invitation for the Prince's masquerade ball in her face. But thanks to Chloe, Marinette meets the handsome prince on a moment that couldn't have been more embarrassing for her. The Prince, who just happened to be riding by in his chariot, helps Marinette after Chloe kicks her in the mud. The prince tells Marinette his name, Adrien, and brings her home - much to Chloe's disgrace. 

Adrien pays for all the bread Chloe ruined, and then slips Marinette an invitation for the ball he's throwing that night - the exact same ball Chloe had been talking about earlier.

Marinette can't go to the ball - she doesn't have a dress to wear, and she can't ask her father to buy her one. But what she doesn't know, is that everything is about to change as soon as she meets Tikki, her Kwami-Godmother, who can transform her into a beautiful princess...

Tikki warns Marinette before transforming her, however: the magic is in Marinette's earrings, but it only lasts so long. The five dots will disappear one by one. And when the last one disappears at midnight, Marinette will change back to her regular self.


While Marinette is getting ready for the ball, Prince Adrien is having a hard time preparing himself, as he doesn't like dances - he dislikes getting attention, and
hates being a Prince - but he's got to fulfil his duties for his father's sake.

But then he is surprised by Plagg, his very own He gives Adrien the opportunity to go by unnoticed, dressed as a mysterious cat-prince... as long as he wears Plagg's ring. Adrien agrees to this, and announces to his father that he, too, will enter the castle with the crowd, wearing a mask.

That night, Marinette and Adrien are (seemingly) the only ones wearing animal-themed clothes, making them stand out instantly. The prince luckily manages to get through the night unrecognised, and spends the entire night with Marinette - until midnight strikes.

Both the two teenagers quickly flee the dance without saying anything - and not knowing that a mysterious man, dressed in a butterfly suit, has set a price on their heads.


I might write this into a fanfiction soon. For now, enjoy!
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Wow; this is MUCH better than the majority of Cinderella tales. As much as I love the more classical renditions, a Cinderella where it's not just Cindy in disguise and that there's more to the story than just a lost slipper (or whatever the Cinderella expy leaves behind) and a lovelorn prince/princess.