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.:Bullet Holes fake screenshot:.

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 “Please, Uncle Dave,” she said. “I beg you. Please.”

David’s facial muscles tensed, but he didn’t give in. “I’m sorry, Samira, but the answer is no.

“You and your brother shouldn’t get involved in this business. It was long ago, and what’s been done has been done. You don’t need to put yourself in danger. Your father’s been done justice.”

Samira paced around in a small circle. “Has he really?” she said, obviously doubting David’s every word. She then stopped pacing, and turned to face David with a stern expression on her face.

“I’ll let this go,” she said, “if you tell me one thing: was the culprit ever caught?”

David didn’t answer; he felt the corner of his lip tremble nervously as Samira’s expression hardened.

“Was my father’s killer ever caught?” she pressed on. Still, no answer.

“Was the man responsible for my father’s murder punished for his crimes?” Samira demanded angrily, almost spitting the words out. “Tell me!”
    Bullet Holes, Chapter 2

A snippet from Bullet Holes, yusyus. Complete with hard-to-read subtitles. I originally drew this as concept art for a scene in which Samira asks David for help, but he denies her the help she wants - and she doesn't take that too kindly. David is insisting on keeping quiet, but Samira wants justice for her father.

These two think they are total opposites, but later in the story, they find out they have more in common than they originally thought.

Also, David is supposed to be 42, but I believe I overdosed a bit on the 'signs of age' on his face XD he looks so old.

Also, the aspect ratio of the TV this screenshot would be taken from is hella wack. (I didn't realize my mistake until I was halfway through this drawing, and I just kind of went like 'meh'). I actually had so much fun playing around with this that I made a VHS version XD

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Overdone age in this context could be seen as "aged more than most due to stress". And given the backstory, that wouldn't be out of the realm of possibility.