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"Come on, Samira! What do you even see in him!? It's obvious that everything about that guy is bad news!"
"So you're questioning my judgement? Is that what you're saying?"
"Well, at this moment, YES! I AM!"

Heh. "Arguing" would fit here nicely as well. 

Ooh, look! A half-assed attempt at backgrounding. Whoa.

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Uh-oh. Who are they arguing about? Because it's not Thomas; James trusts him.
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Pan-tastiqueHobbyist Filmographer
Well, I must say that it's Thomas who Samira's arguing with. His teenager design is significantly different from his child design.
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Ah; it wasn't just the design that threw me a little. The lighting altered his hair though that must be just me. Is Thomas right or is this him unconsciously growing up because he has feelings for her?
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Pan-tastiqueHobbyist Filmographer
Both. He's jealous, but the guy is indeed up to no good.
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Ah. Again I love your stories even just the bits and pieces you release; maybe in the future, I can do you as a story rec for the kids my mom teaches; since your stories are clean with a minimum of all the stuff parents don't want for their kids, they'd make a good read for reading addicts.