Contest!! Believix Design Deadline 28fabuary 2013

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By Pan-Ko

Deadline  28fabuary 2013
I might change it depending on when you guys finish

Object :

hey guy my name Panha i need you to design my oc Name wind in her Believix and she is a fairy of wind
here some picture of her ^^   but full body only ^^

      Request-Wind's Enchantix by KaeMcSpadden Request:Wind - Feel My Power by SonatAofIcEandFire  :thumb328450018: Harmonix Wind (request) by Letyal Wind by maidenknight SR Wind by snowfake:thumb327539853::thumb327903594: Wind by chocolatesmoothie Wind by egaoxxxlotje:thumb339345617::thumb338385153: request:wind by lephan

prize list:  

1st  ( you win because you cloth is so awesome ) 60 :points:

2nd  ( you win because you wing is so awesome ) 50 :points:

3th  ( you win because you hair is so awesome )  40 :points:  
i don't have points too much!! sorry  and now the winneer not just 3 may be it could be 5 winner :D

i wish you all good luck have a nice day ^^


1 :iconwinxchara:
2. :iconiidarkmagixii:
3. :iconbarbi3d0ll18: Finish! :3 For FaNtAzY-DrAgOn's Contest by Barbi3D0ll18
4 . :iconniesavich:
5. :iconcristalinawinx: (maybe)
6. :icongolden-fantasy-voice: Finish! :thumb335185941:
7:iconamberworks: Finish! Wind Believix  by AmberWorks
8. :iconhainechispitas: finish! ^^ :thumb326433824:
10. :icondsdsdsdddd:
11. :iconoceanpirate: (maybe)  Finish! :thumb332837025:
12. :iconpippy-lunalove:
13. :iconhyperster: finish! ^^ Wind believix CE by hyperster
14. :iconcyberwinx: finish! Wind Believix by Cyberwinx
15.:iconlanafeng: Finish!   CE:Belivix by LanaFeng
16. :iconaya-bear:
17. :iconmagicvictoriana:
18. :iconwinxzafir: Finish! CE:Wind Believix by Winxzafir
19. :iconwinx-bunny: Finish! Contest: Wind Believix by Winx-Bunny
20. :iconrockinangelz99: Finish! Wind In Believix by Rockinangelz99
21. :iconkaltwarm:
22. :iconsheenatarincha:
23.  :iconsparkles-mccoy:
24 . :iconcaboulla:
25. :iconwyvernwhisper: Finish! ^^ :thumb330625018:
26. :iconkaemcspadden: Finish! Contest-Wind's Believix by KaeMcSpadden Wind's Believix Wings by KaeMcSpadden
27. :iconalen-as: Finish! Contest: Wind by Alen-AS
28. :iconalizarinna: Finish!
29. :iconvitelina:
30 . :icondawningwings: Finish!
31. :iconemosandy93: Finish! CE: uncolored Wind's Believix Form by EmoSandy93
32. :iconsmall-blue-owl: Finish! :thumb329775119:
33. :icondessindu43: Finish! Wind Believix for contest by Dessindu43
34. :icontwinlightownz: Finish! :thumb329294245:
35. :icon4cherryjuice:
36. :iconlimeblossom:
37. :iconmelonlemon:
38. :iconfullcolour-canvas:
39. :iconchicago-aka-poppixie:
40. :icondeeyushachan: Finish! Twichi by Deeyushachan
41. :iconpixiesera: Finish! Wind Believix Entry by pixiesera
42. :iconrandomdrawerofart:
43. :iconfrorentsiya: Finish! Wind Believix by Frorentsiya wings Wind by Frorentsiya
44. :iconfiesonie:
45. :iconsassyzoey:
46. :iconvitelina: Finish! :thumb330950694:
47. :iconevanedzumiinc:
48. :iconkidagirl: Finish! Believix Contest Entry by kidagirl
49. :iconsamoanvampcatt:
50. :iconforeverwinx182002: Finsih!
51. :iconsafire-star:  Finish! :thumb330959245: :thumb330957370::thumb332335064:
52. :iconeyral: Finish! CONTEST - Wind Believix by Eyral
53. :iconwhisperimaginary: Finish! CE Wings by whisperimaginary CE FaNtAzY-DrAgOn - Wind Believix by whisperimaginary
54. :iconenchantingwinx: maybe
55. :iconcarli29: Finish! CE: Wind Believix (WIP) by carli29 CE: Wind Believix (finished) by carli29
56. :icongovril:
57. :iconalexmartn8: Finish! Wind Believix by alexmARTn8
58. :iconovallesy:
59. :icondragonshinyflame:
60. :iconvanessabbaranda: Finish! COM: Wind's Believix by VanessaBBaranda
61. :iconmoonlightprincess002:
62 . :iconjessinthebox: (maybe )
63. :iconcharmmooncat: Finish! :thumb342170756:
64. :iconselina-reitzner: Finish ok there is wind beliveix by selina-reitzner
Sorry i have to change date because i think you guy have school! sorry  T -T When the finally is coming! i will choose one of your thing that you draw on wind body and join tegether into 1 cloth :D

© 2012 - 2021 Pan-Ko
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LanaFeng's avatar
uhm, when will you update this?
alexmARTn8's avatar
When Fnish the contest??
KaeMcSpadden's avatar
What is the update of this contest?
Pan-Ko's avatar
oh i forgot ;d thank for remind me well i haven't found the persion should win yet ;d sorry ;d
KaeMcSpadden's avatar
I was wondering because you extend the deadline a few times.
KaeMcSpadden's avatar
The other people who are partaking in this contest are probably wondering what is going on too. You should decide on the winners soon and reply to everyone to give them an update.
DawningWings's avatar
Is the contest over?
Pan-Ko's avatar
selina-reitzner's avatar
hey i adrely change the outfit and other that 1st was -.- i heave do a new one there :D

Pan-Ko's avatar
selina-reitzner's avatar
fiished i will upload and wings to :)

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