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Scooby villains

I've been so busy costuming!! I made The Ghost of Captain Cutler & The Witch Doctor from Scooby Doo. My husband & I won 1st place in a costume contest for Halloween!!

Ghost of Captain Cutler:
I started the helmet by cutting cardboard strips and going around my head until I had a globe. I went over that with papier mache, then cut my face and neck holes. I smoothed it out with spackle, which was messy and made it heavy. The port holes and bib are made from foam. The helmet took about a month in all to assemble. I bought a used radiation suit (probably not the best idea, but it was in my budget), white work gloves, and used my husbands boots. All spray painted, and added some plastic vines that resembled seaweed.

Witch Doctor:
Mask is painted foam board with straps attached to the back. The tunic is hand sewn because my sewing machine bit the dust, and we were running out of time. He added some of my seaweed vines to make bracelets and we bought a Scooby head from Walmart to carry around on a stick.

We felt pretty confident about winning while we were on the way because people were slowing their cars down, honking and taking pics, as well as pedestrians taking pics of us. We won hockey tickets and cash.
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Congrats! Funny costumes :D
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