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I want to see who greets back!!
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...Since my last blog entry here. I've been really busy with arrangements to buy the house I was renting first, new job and that real life stuff. So, no time for costumes... until now.

I'd like to invite you to my new page on Facebook completely in English where you can find my latest cosplay project! (Can you guess it?). I still have the other page, though but it's going to be Spanish only :)

The idea of making another FB page was not entirely of my liking, but FB doesn't let you change the name of the page after you reach a certain amount of likes. I'll change my name here on DeviantArt as well, when I get my Premium Membership again!

I'll try to post more often here; I really miss this place!!

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That's what I've been doing lately... that and moving out of the small apartment I used to live in. Now I have my own sewing/crafting room, yay!

Feel free to visit my new site :) I post reviews for wigs, contact lenses and other cosplay related stuff. Some sections are still under construction but I'm taking care of all that.

Anyways, here's the link -> you can contact me there easier that Deviantart, also on Facebook ;)

See you there! :wave:
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Paso por aquí a dejarles este… para que por favor me ayuden, eligiendo sus opciones favoritas y, en dado caso, agregar más :)

El motivo por el cual estoy haciendo esta encuesta, es para llevar a cabo un proyecto que sé será del agrado de muchos cosplayers, especialmente de Latinoamérica :3 Por eso me gustaría que compartieran el enlace con sus conocidos cosplayers ^_^

Espero me ayuden y gracias de antemano!
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Hello everybody!
Just to let you know I made a Tumblr account for a little project I'm working on. It's called 'Kiren's Cosplay Challenge' and is about getting cosplay ideas to make costumes next year, and also there's the possibility of taking a few commissions in the process :)

Here's the link to the tumblr account and you can send your pictures here…

Hope to see you there! :D


Hola a todos!
Sólo para avisarles que hice una cuenta en Tumblr para un pequeño proyecto en el que estoy trabajando. Se llama 'Kiren's Cosplay Challenge' y básicamente se trata de recibir sugerencias e ideas para hacer trajes el próximo año; con la posibilidad de aceptar algunas comisiones en el proceso :)

Aquí está el link a la cuenta y aquí pueden mandarme sus imágenes…

Espero verlos ahí! :D
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I would appreciate if you can give a thumbs up :) Thank you!!…
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Journal Entry: Fri Mar 23, 2012, 10:50 PM
As the title says, I'm going to be on hiatus for a while, at least until I get my new apartment :3 I'm so happy because, finally, I'm going to have my own place *o*

Oh, but don't worry! I have great news regarding cosplay: Sheryl Nome is finished! After a loooong time making the costume I was able to finish it in time for a convention. I'll upload new photos soon x3

Anyway, I hope everyone is OK :) I miss you guys u.u

Read ya later, fellas!

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Quick announcements!

Journal Entry: Tue Feb 28, 2012, 10:07 AM

Hello, fellas! I know my deviant profile has been kind of dead lately (I haven't updated the Jewel of the Day... I don't know if you have noticed) anyway, that's because there's not a good internet service at home, so I have to come to my fiancé's house to go online and everything.

Well, the other thing is that I have a job now and is very tiring. By the end of the day the only thing I want is my bed... and die in it.

Hopefully I will have more free time next week, so I can schedule photoshoots and other evil plans! :D

But if you want to stalk me... I mean! If you want to know what I'm doing, feel free to check my facebook (I'm thinking about having my own page there but I'm not sure yet). See you there!

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To show my appreciation for fellow deviants, specially cosplayers and cosplay photographers, I decided to make a :+fav:collection called "Jewel of the Day". I add one deviation per day to this collection so it can be featured on my profile a whole day. I select these pieces according to their quality, of course; and because some of them needs moar love. :love:

The theme was: In - Motion. Enjoy! :happybounce:

<da:thumb id="269332163"/>  Legendary Fight by Leox90        LUM by NaTemari
    Tekken: Lili Rochefort by michellemonique    Takeo fighting by DioEraclea TORNADO KIIIIICK by 1tsuka 
  Jump by Isadorada ZURAAAAA by DaisyDA <da:thumb id="214044717"/>   Taking off by Rayi-kun
Birth by Sleep - Vanity Fall by NanjoKoji    FFXIII: Lightning by Akusesu One Jump Ahead by Ryoko-demon
The Clash by alivealf      The Witch: Run Away by KasuzameYuu   Aqua and Terranort by Eyes-0n-Me Ludwig Kakumei: Maleen by MarionetteTheatre   
Love is War by eru-star    APH: Ballerina by yinami  Bleach: Death and Strawberry by Astellecia  Macross Frontier: Angel Place by itakoaya
And the Wind in Your Hair! by TheBigTog    Macross - Sheryl Nome 01 by beethy Kuroshitsuji: The Gamble by iigo-tomo-e 
<da:thumb id="278961344"/> Tekken 3 by neko-tin  

Please support these amazing cosplayers and photographers. Until next time!! :heart:

To show my appreciation for fellow deviants, specially cosplayers and cosplay photographers, I decided to make a :+fav:collection called "Jewel of the Day". I add one deviation per day to this collection so it can be featured on my profile a whole day. I select these pieces according to their quality, of course; and because some of them needs moar love. :love: 

TRC : Sakura by kaguyaxhime  Mass Effect Tali Cosplay 1 by bgzstudios  <da:thumb id="268794614"/>

X 1999: The End 2 by ycysusan    Window to Heaven by GarnetTilAlexandros   Princess Ai. by TaisiaFlyagina   55 by mokrushina  

  <da:thumb id="267330067"/>   MF: Momentum by yinami   Kingdom of Prussia III by angriberen

Sakura by Pugoffka-sama    Setsugetsuka_Gakupo-Len-Kaito by H-I-T-O-M-I   7975 by DimHorizonStudio   Panty and Stocking ww by Benkeisuki

<da:thumb id="273890551"/>   DEAD MASTER by akadiaknight17   Macross Frontier - It Is So - 03 by shiroang

HorrorCollector3 by JustMoolti  Code Geass: Metamorphosis by Green-Makakas   Axe wielding Homocidal Maniac by negativedreamer  

Trinity Blood - Esther + Abel by Calssara   Holiday Season by hexlord   <da:thumb id="273059825"/>   JW3wanhua by guangyaomanman  

The Bride by Sara-Araujo   Megurine Luka: Dark Forest by chibinis-chan  <da:thumb id="275506534"/>

Ao No Exorxist : Amaimon vs Rin Okumura by Misaki-Sai   Ai Mizuhashi 2 by OscarC-Photography  

Gana una peluca gratis!

Journal Entry: Wed Dec 14, 2011, 5:13 PM

Spanish only. :(

/Edit: La fase de inscripción ha terminado, ahora inicia el spa... digo, la fase de likes. ¡Voten por su favorito y mucha suerte a todos los participantes!…

¡Cosplayers! Esta es su oportunidad de ganarse una peluca de su elección, sigan las bases aquí ;D…

Cualquier duda, dejen comentario :) y no olviden de pasar la voz.

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 To show my appreciation for fellow deviants, specially cosplayers and cosplay photographers, I decided to make a :+fav:collection called "Jewel of the Day". I add one deviation per day to this collection so it can be featured on my profile a whole day. I select these pieces according to their quality, of course; and because some of them needs moar love :love:

Jewels of the Month [August]…
Jewels of the Month [September]…
Jewels of the Month [October]…

For this month the theme was: Aquatic Surroundings. Enjoy! :heart:

   Orphey Zavi by amadiz Let's Blitz by Wakaleo   Lost: Water of Memories by xrysx   Butterfly Miku by pinkyluxun  

Amaru Ryudo - Sohryuden by EliotCosplay   asuka :lost in the water city by angie0-0  Intergalactic Serenade by garion

    Looking for another world by Muralu     Ponyo 1 by ycysusan      A Day At The Beach by Andy-K     Downpour by Doomsday-Dawn

Gintama - Shiroyasha by miyoaldy  Dead or Alive Kasumi cosplay by grellkaLoli   lake by ormeli

   These are MY waters -- by Kurioh  <da:thumb id="182315361"/>  Message on the beach by Weatherstone   We Believe in HAKUSTINA by the-sushi-monster
<da:thumb id="102713241"/>   Into the water by Kairi-Heartless  rev .  blu by shukihito

ONE PIECE - FLAG by Hasadosh  Hymn of the Fayth by Foodtrip   Eruka Frog - 2 Suns by qcamera

 :star: Daily Deviation Suggested and Accepted :star:

Deadman Wonderland by big-pao

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To show my appreciation for fellow deviants, specially cosplayers and cosplay photographers, I decided to make a :+fav:collection called "Jewel of the Day". I add one deviation per day to this collection so it can be featured on my profile a whole day. I select these pieces according to their quality, of course; and because some of them needs moar love :love:

Jewels of the Month [August]…
Jewels of the Month [September]…

For this particular month I chose a theme to select the pieces. The theme was: Dark Backgrounds.

Enjoy!! :la:

Isaac Clarke dead space by fabiohazard Bellatrix : The Death of Dobby by LolaInProgress Deadman Wonderland - Ganta Gun by Firiless
Till the end of time. by zerartul Sandplay-Kamui Gakupo 02 by LALAax Cendrillon : f a i r y t a l e by Cosmic-Decadence Welcome to Silent Hill by CriminalViolet Fists of Fury by Pangea-Derlatek EVA:2.22 Begin Launch Sequence by AmenoKitarou
Vocaloid - KAITO by miyoaldy BIOSHOCK: ADAM is near, Daddy by Benny-Lee Elfen Lied - End by hexlord
Mad Hatter by MisterFirst Always believing in Hope by Shi-chama E V A N G E L I O N by ritsukasakurai Morrigan Aensland by nadyasonika Terra + Tron Cosplay 1 by vvmasterdrfan Garou: Mark of the Wolves by TEIT0
Abel I by alsquall Megurine Luka - My way by sophie-art Claw bite by Sinitar-des
Seductress of the Night by electric-lady .:Hope:. by Itchy-Hands :thumb251839377:
Elcadia by MisaKaterina Ymir's rebellion. by Shoko-Cosplay

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At home...

Journal Entry: Mon Oct 17, 2011, 7:05 PM

After an amazing time in Koblenz, Germany; I'm back with a new perspective in life and things I want to do in the future, which is the best thing I've got from this trip.

The sad part is I couldn't meet up with Calssara there *cries forever* :icondesudesuplz: But I have intentions to go back to Germany next year and stay more time (like a month or so), maybe attend a convention and bring a cosplay -or two- with me! :heart:

Now... I need to catch up with my English homework T______T

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From Germany with love.

Journal Entry: Sun Oct 2, 2011, 10:51 AM
Hi, everyone! Reporting from the beautiful lands of Germany -more specifically Koblenz- We're having a great time here and, of course, we've took LOTS of pictures which I need to upload later.

There's a new installment of "The Cosplay Jewels of the Month" if you want to check it out and give it some love :+favlove: :squee:… :squee: And now for october the selection will be thematic :la: all the photos will be dark and full of shadows. If you want to suggest a piece, don't hesitate and please do so :meow:!

Beer with pear flavor! / Cerveza con sabor a pera!

Hola a todos! Aquí reportándome desde las hermosas tierras de Alemania (Koblenz, para ser más específicos). Nos la estamos pasando muy bien y, por supuesto, hemos tomado MUCHAS fotos, las cuales necesito subir después ;P

Bueno, hoy hice una nueva entrega de "The Cosplay Jewels of the Month" por si quieren checarla y darle un :+favlove: :squee:… :squee: Y para este mes de octubre la selección será temática :la: todas las fotos serán oscuras y llenas de sombras. Si quieren sugerir una pieza para Jewel of the Day, por favor, no duden en hacerlo! :meow:

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Germany... here we go!

Journal Entry: Tue Sep 20, 2011, 7:32 PM

OMG the day has finally arrived... we're going to Germany tomorrow!! *so excited!*

I still can't believe it... we're going to Germany!! :woohoo:

My fiancé works for a company there and was invited -me included, of course- to go to a workshop for two weeks. Today we went to get our passports (he needed a new one and now I have a passport... for the first time in my life :giggle:).

So this trip changed my previous plans but I'm so happy I don't care :la: I'll make my costumes soon as I get back :meow:

I'd love to meet up with deviants and cosplayers from Germany!! If you're nearby Koblenz or Frankfurt please let me know! I've already got a response from the lovely :iconcalssara: :heart: Can't wait to see her!! :eager:


Todavía no puedo creerlo... nos vamos a Alemania!! :woohoo:

Mi novio trabaja para una compañía de ese país y fue invitado para asistir a un taller por dos semanas mientras que yo iré también pero en calidad de acompañante ;P Hoy fuimos por nuestros pasaportes (él necesitaba renovar el suyo y yo sacar uno nuevo... por primera vez en mi vida tengo un pasaporte :giggle:).

Así que este viaje cambió los planes que tenía pero estoy tan feliz que no me importa :la: Cuando regrese terminaré los cosplays pendientes y así :meow:

Y claro, me gustaría conocer deviants y cosplayers de Alemania!! Si de casualidad hay alguien cercano a Koblenz o Frankfurt por favor avise! La hermosa :iconcalssara: :heart: ya me dijo que sí podrá ir a verme cuando esté ahí, no puedo esperar para conocerla en persona!! :eager:

Ah! Y claro que tomaré miles de fotos :dummy: Lo malo es que no podré llevar algún cosplay :( porque eso implicaría llevar más equipaje del necesario y no me gustaría (recordemos que este viaje es más de negocios que vacaciones).

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Tired + School + New Costumes.

Thu Sep 8, 2011, 10:00 PM

I know I haven't updated my journal lately (I'm sorry about that) but that's because I've been feeling really tired these last few weeks :worry:

It's all because of my new school! In my Wordpress blog I mentioned how excited I was about entering college. Well... I really was but everything changed the first day I took classes... was horrible and disappointing :'( I expected more.

So... I decided to quit college and change my plans for the time being. Don't get me wrong, I still want to study fashion design, but I need a proper school first; if that means I need to move out to another city I will.

Instead of doing nothing, I'm taking English courses along with my fiancé in a great school. I do enjoy my classes and I have lots of fun with my classmates! The only "problem": my course is at 7:15am!! x_____X Thus I need to sleep earlier than usual (around 11pm) because I have to wake up at 5:45am to get ready and leave my house at 6:30am (you know... to avoid traffic, specially near schools) and the class ends at 8:45am. After that we usually go to some place and get breakfast. Also I've been roller skating on mondays, wednesdays and fridays :la:

Well, now about cosplay! This week I'll gather the fabrics I need for my new project :happybounce: I'm considering making two new costumes instead of one but I'm worried about the time I have left, and the fact that I still haven't finished the ones I started already ;____; I'm a mess!!
Oh yeah... we haven't done any other photoshoot with my Hizaki costume because of the weather, it's all crazy lately :/ or is too hot or is raining non-stop. We're expecting a cold wave (or whatever) to do the photoshoot because, believe me... I don't want to wear that dress when is all wet outside or at 35ªC IT'S LIKE HELL!!

Okay so... that's pretty much everything about my amazing life lately ;P Even though I feel tired or get busy I always have time to reply comments and keep the "Jewel of the Day" feature :meow: See ya around!
Sé que no he actualizado mi journal últimamente (perdón por eso!) pero es porque me he sentido muy cansada estas últimas semanas :worry: Y todo por mi nueva escuela! Si leen mi blog de Wordpress habrán visto que mencioné lo emocionada que estaba por entrar a la universidad. Pues bueno... resultó que mi emoción hizo puff! el primer día de clases... fue horrible y decepcionante :'( Esperaba más.

Entonces decidí salirme y cambiar mis planes por el momento; no me malinterpreten, todavía quiero estudiar diseño de modas pero quiero hacerlo en una buena escuela, y si eso significa mudarme a otra ciudad lo haré.

En vez de quedarme sin hacer nada, mi novio y yo nos metimos a cursos de Inglés para obtener nuestra certificación y presentar el TOEFL. La escuela es genial, disfruto mucho mis clases y me divierto con mis compañeros, el único problema es que mi curso es a las 7:15am!! x___x Y por eso necesito dormir antes de mi hora habitual (a las 11pm ya me estoy muriendo además) para levantarme a las 5:45am, arreglarme, salir de mi casa a las 6:30am para evitar el tráfico (sobretodo alrededor de las escuelas y en mi camino hay varias), entrar a la clase y salir a las 8:45am para luego ir por desayuno. Los lunes, miércoles y viernes vamos al parque a hacer ejercicio; mi novio corre mientras yo patino :la:

Ahora a hablar sobre cosplay! :dummy: Esta semana iré a comprar telas que necesito para mi nuevo proyecto :happybounce: Aunque estoy pensando en hacer dos trajes nuevos en vez de uno pero me preocupa el tiempo que me queda y el hecho de que no he terminado los que ya empecé ;___; Soy un desastre!!
Ah y no hemos hecho la sesión de fotos para el cosplay de Hizaki y todo por el maldito clima, ha estado como loco últimamente: o hace mucho calor o llueve sin parar. Se dice que vendrá un frente frío así que trataremos de aprovecharlo porque, créanme, es horrible usar ese vestido cuando afuera está todo mojado o estamos a 35ªC. EL HORROR!!

Y bueno... eso es casi todo lo que ha pasado últimamente en mi asombrosa vida ;P Aunque me sienta cansada o esté ocupada siempre tendré tiempo de responder comentarios y dar los features correspondientes en "Jewel of the Day" :meow: Nos vemos!

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Expo Shimai Report

Journal Entry: Thu Aug 25, 2011, 10:52 PM
I'll make a journal about my trip to Cancun and the Expo Shimai, meanwhile you can find some photos on my blog here ->…


Así es! El reporte de la Expo Shimai ya está listo por fin :XD: visiten mi blog para conocer los detalles ;P ->…

Love ya! :icon0u0plz:

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About the 'Jewel of the Day' Collection.

Journal Entry: Wed Aug 17, 2011, 11:36 AM

First news feature here!… Go and spread the love! :+favlove:

To show my appreciation for fellow deviants, specially cosplayers and photographers, I decided to make a :+fav:collection called "Jewel of the Day". I add one deviation per day to this collection so it can be featured on my profile a whole day. You can suggest works if you like, they can be either yours or someone else's. See the previous "jewels" to know what kind of works I'm looking for to be featured. :meow:

At the end of the month I'll make a journal or a news article to feature all the deviations within the collection! :iconyaaayplz:  


Ya salió el primer news feature aquí!… Vayan y denle :+favlove: para que llegue a más personas :dummy:

Como muestra de mi aprecio hacia "deviants", especialmente cosplayers y fotógrafos, decidí hacer una :+fav:colección llamada "Jewel of the Day". A esta colección agrego un trabajo por día para que se muestre en mi perfil un día entero. Pueden sugerir trabajos si gustan, pueden ser suyos o de alguien más; les recomiendo que chequen las "joyas" que he puesto para que sepan qué tipo de trabajos estoy buscando para darles feature. :meow:

Al final del mes haré un journal o un artículo en News para presentar todas las deviations dentro de la colección! :iconyaayplz:

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Expo Shimai means trip to Cancun!

Journal Entry: Wed Aug 10, 2011, 12:27 PM

I was invited as guest and part of the jury to this convention called Expo Shimai, which be held in Cancun, Quintana Roo. This is the first time I'm invited (not going on my own) to an event that is outside my current city; I hope to get this kind of opportunities more often! :dummy:

Below you can find the cosplays I'm going to wear for this event :dance:


Estoy feliz de anunciarles que seré invitada y parte del jurado en los concursos de cosplay que hará la Expo Shimai los días 20 y 21 de agosto, en Cancún, Quintana Roo! Esta es la primera vez que me invitan a un evento fuera de mi ciudad y espero que no sea la última ;P

Aquí les dejo el a la página de la expo y el poster promocional. Sí... me emocioné cuando vi una foto mía xD

Y estos son los cosplays que llevaré (el de Chun-Li será nuevo).

by harleshinn
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