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Design available as tee, mug, bag and more here:…
Also on LaTostadora shop:…

Tribute to LOST.

Stock belongs to :icondarkrose42-stock:

illustrator + photoshop.

Other typographic works:
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I miss it ;_;
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Fantastic! It looks simple to accomplish, but after really analyzing it, I cannot say that it was.
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Great job!  Got 'em all!
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that's great!
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this has to be my favorite show ever this picture is perfect.

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Awesome! I haven't watched the show in a while. but it's amazing I recognize all of the quotes and can mostly picture who said them. The lasting effect of Lost.
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WAH! Great Pic, Finished the show in a month!
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"See you in another life, brother" did it for me :')
Great Work!
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Awesome!!! :) I have many notes of lost-quotes...
But I miss "You have ink on your forehead" :D
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I didn't even notice that the quotes spelled LOST at first!
Epic fail on my part, but and awesome word art on your part :D
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Very cool. I like it! *О*
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I was looking for the words: "You All Everybody"
Didn't see them though...oh well. :)
Still this was nicely done and I shall keep it forever!
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you all everybody is on the bottom right of the 'O' underneath LOCKE
newgirlintown628's avatar
Oh thank you! I see it now! :)
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