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Miscrits - Theprophecy of the Winged Being by PalosCheco Miscrits - Theprophecy of the Winged Being by PalosCheco
When the Gods created Miscria, brought into the world three types of beings: humans, who would be the residents and workers of their environment; the Miscrits, animals with special abilities to control the six elements: nature, water, land, energy, wind and fire; and finally, the Magicites; human beings who could manipulate the elements at their mercy.

For a while Humans and Miscrits lived together in peace and harmony,
leaning with each other to build a peaceful community; however, Magicites developed their qualities for themselves, believing that humans were incapable of carrying tasks sorcery.

Among the Magicites there was one very special, Noxus;
who he was not only easy to control the elements; but also she dominated the dark magic. Noxus's ideas were so magnificent and terrifying, which made him the leader of the Magicites.

Noxus had a great intolerance human, due to the lack of special abilities;
and above all, he was recognized for his incredible hatred of Miscrits; considering them pests with incredible powers.

Fearing that at any time Miscrits could acquire advanced intelligence, Noxus commanded his followers to exterminate them.

Such was the slaughter that caused the magicites, which caught the attention of the Gods;
they sent six magical and powerful essences that could fight the Magicites.

Noxus enraged, confronts these essences and whit their black magic he corrupt the escences, turning them into monstrous beasts; with them at his command, Noxus expanded his extermination at an alarming rate.

It was then that the Gods ask for help to a winged beings, the elemental angels; only one can descend, who he was able to control the six elements, to restore order and defeat Noxus.

It spent seven hundred years since the second angel was defeated, according to the ancient astronomers, it was three hundred years ago when the last winged bean should appear, who finally defeated Noxus; the citizen´s hopes have decreased, the attacks keep their course, the adventurers fear continue working, and the Miscrits less frequent; even so, there are many who still worship the heavens by the arrival of the Element´s Angel, who reset the peace and clereance the darknes that succumbing Miscria.
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i didn´t pass ortography ^////^
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