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SS1: Shady-Raichu by Runomye SS1: Shady-Raichu :iconrunomye:Runomye 18 2
Gaia Birthday (CLOSED)
Today (January 13) it's the birthday of Gaia (My BATIM OC)
Now she's 9 years old

Rules: (and read, okay)
- Only your OCs (BATIM) are invited (for to say "Happy birthday"), if you want (comment just on this Journal)
- you can invite as many OCs as you want (even the new ones), if you want
- No "Gift Art" (my OCs do not need gifts from Deviants/Artists)
- No +fav (I don't need for this Journal)
The guests (BATIM):
Bendy and the Ink Machine (Game) - (they too were invited)
Alice Angel
Henry Stein
My OCs:
Ike (friend, he is ashamed to celebrate his birthday), Tristan (friend) by me :iconazur750:
Your OCs:
Timber by :icongirlofhearts101:
Bobby by :iconchanelthekillercute:
Maggie by :iconfairyaurora:
Aphie, Asher by :iconpinklightningmc:
:iconazur750:Azur750 2 23
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KBY (RtDL) - Helping a Stranger
"Look, a ship!"
"It's falling over that way!"
"Hurry, hurry!"
"Get to it quickly!"
A normal tease-and-chase-for-cake routine for Kirby and Dedede had been interrupted for the first time in what seemed like forever. First it had been interrupted by Bandana Dee, who wanted his share. But as the threesome ran through the meadow—Kirby in the lead with the cake; Dedede and Bandana Dee in pursuit—an interdimensional pulse had rippled through the air. Kirby, being able to naturally pick up on such things, directed his gaze to the area where a dark, star-shaped portal rimmed with neon blue had opened in the otherwise-bright sky. His two pursuers had rammed into him when he stopped short, and the pink puff risked a quick glance down to see if the shortcake he was holding had been knocked to the ground.
Unfortunately, he was right. It was lying on the ground ruined.
Then all his attention directed to the sky as a beautifully-crafted ship sailed downward from the portal and out into t
:iconmtstarcosmic:MTStarCosmic 11 3
Pet Pageant 2 by WowzaDawg Pet Pageant 2 :iconwowzadawg:WowzaDawg 77 18 Come get your kids by Doodleist-the-Artist Come get your kids :icondoodleist-the-artist:Doodleist-the-Artist 17 7 Don't Give Up by Nuvui Don't Give Up :iconnuvui:Nuvui 7 0 W | FPP - Prime Time For Witch by Taeqii W | FPP - Prime Time For Witch :icontaeqii:Taeqii 42 8 Self concious  by VHS-DREAMER Self concious :iconvhs-dreamer:VHS-DREAMER 29 7 [WP 80] yes by Attack-On-Tacos
Mature content
[WP 80] yes :iconattack-on-tacos:Attack-On-Tacos 15 0




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Wyngro- Tall Friend- Wight
Vexin has grown a lot since Wight has last spent time with him, so Wight took the opportunity to get a piggy back ride. 


Wight belongs to myself
Vexin belongs to :iconkblock1:

Fullbodies – 2
Gift – 1
Halfbody - 1


Wyngro- Worry- Aliza

As Aliza began to grow up, she noticed that Alma had less and less time to listen to her worries, and since the Deelagun found its way into town, finding someone free for a chat had become harder to pull off. If she didn’t find anyone though, her anxiety would surely build up until her neck would pinch again. These stress pinches worried her as well, it scared her so much whenever it happened that she’d jump or shout without any warning for others.

In search of someone to speak to, Aliza searched the halls and calmer rooms of The Nook. She found a familiar face in lounge room, Alister reading a book. Aliza felt a ping of jealousy as she saw him reading on his own. She could only read simple words right now. Boos, gros, gurps, quills, finns, imps and other small words, but Alister was old enough to read books with bigger words.

She walked over and spoke up. “Hey, Alister?” The older wyngling nearly sat up in surprise, he was so focused on his book that he hadn’t noticed Aliza walk over.

“Yeah? Wh-what is it?” He muttered, closing his book to try his best to be polite.

Aliza relaxed a little, happy to have found someone to talk to. “You like reading, have you read anything about neck problems?” She asked.

Alister became instantly invested in this situation and lifted a paw. “Are you having neck problems Aliza? If you are, you should really have someone look at it. Like Doctor F. or the lantern in town. Does Alma know? I bet she would help if you told her.” The older wyngling suggested, trying to help in his worried way.

Aliza lifted a paw towards her neck reflexively. “I’m scared they’ll be mad at me for making a fuss.” She muttered. The pink wyngling nervously pawed at her neck in silence for a moment before speaking up. “Can we talk about something else? Please?” She begged.

Alister was still worried, but lowered his paw to signify that he had dropped the subject. “What do you want to talk about?” He asked.

Aliza smiled slightly. “Can you read some of that book to me?”


Added Upgrades
+Hair Tuft (2 wyns)
+Cheek Fur (5 wyns and a full body player character gift art )
+Pupils (8 wyns and a full background image with Aliza in it )

Aliza belongs to myself
Alister belongs to :iconsuper-liet:

Fullbodies x2 – 4
Gift – 1


Lef the Bun Borb
Fall leaf - F2U LefFall leaf - F2U 

Gender: Male
Type: Long Eared Plant
Personality: Brave, social, competitive and tactile
Pecking Partner: None

The template of this reference was created by :iconxxhoodie--monsterxx:
Lamine? Answers 7
This was sent in by :iconyershibear:

Looks like Daisy doesn't know Lamine well enough to know what makes her mad. Maybe you can ask this again when Lamine comes back... If she comes back.

Lamine, Daisy and Willow are my own fan characters
Kirby belongs to Hal and Nintendo as usual

You can find the ask journal here
Devidae- Leaf Mishap

Nodosum kept slamming his arms and legs into the dancing platform until the music finally petered out. The game was over, so the green dealing pulled himself back up to his feet.
“Well done, Nodosum!” chimed a warm voice next to him. It was the raptor from earlier. He stood next to a large keg and poured something into a delicious looking leaf cup. Nodosum stepped forwards towards the adult to properly hear this man’s verdict on the daeling’s performance. The blue male held pieces of coloured strips out to Nodosum much to the child’s dismay.
“Your determination paid off and you've gained 5 tickets as a result!” He announced, waiting for Nodosum to take these strips. Reluctantly, the child took the strips and sighed in disappointment. All this excitement just for silly strips!? Nodosum had stopped looking at the adult when he spoke up again a final time.
“Here's a leaf of water for refreshment~” He chirped, causing Nodosum to meet the adult’s gaze again and oh thank TREE! There it was being held out to Nodosum. The succulent vivid leafy green of the gods watered to perfection! Nodosum left his tickets on the ground and sprung over to collect his real prize.
“A leaf!” The child shouted, reaching up to take it. The adult raptor smiled and gifted the leaf cup to Nodosum. The green boy then gripped the cup in his mouth and ran outside with a delighted spring in his hooves and a wagging tail.

Outside Nodosum searched for a quiet spot, somewhere to enjoy his reward in peace. He settled with a patch of path warmed in the sun’s gentle light and laid down on the earth. The green child curled up in the sun’s warmth and set the leaf cup between his hooves. He looked it over as it glistened in the sunlight before beginning to chew the end with his toothless mouth. It was firmer than any seaweed he had eaten, but Nodosum really wanted to eat this, so he kept trying to chew it. He tried tearing it with his hooves and shaking it around, but it still wasn’t going down without a fight. This leaf really was different from the seaweed, this leaf was tough. Nodosum thought he was tougher though. What if he tried to just swallow the bits he had ripped apart?

Nodosum threw his head back, trying to fit the leaf cup down his throat, but it didn’t work. Defeated, the dealing brought his head back down to spit it out, but nothing came. He tried again, nothing. In a panic, Nodosum ran towards others, his mouth filled with leaf bits. One by one, older daes began to notice him. First a young feathered raptor tried to speak to him over the crowd.
“Hey kid, do you need help!?” he called out, but Nodosum couldn’t respond. Some others noticed the troubled child thanks to the raptor’s concern though. Notably, a pink noodle girl rushed over with her striped siorcat.
“Hold on kid, we’ve got you!” she insisted placing a fingered hoof hand on his forehead to comfort him. Nodosum felt tears swell in his eyes as a small paw rested on his snout. The paw belonged to this lady’s siorcat; it gave a worried meow at him. He lifted his front hoof to his cheek and pushed at the leaf in hopes of getting some out. Thankfully, some did and bits of leaf fell onto the ground in front of him.
“There you go kid, take it easy, deep breaths.” The lady cooed, trying to calm him. Nodosum shut his eyes and coughed with as much breath as he could get. It got more of the leaf cup loose, allowing the green daeling to breathe more. Within the next few minutes, Nodosum got the rest out and hollered in his shocked state. The noodle lady tried her best to bring him back down to reality. “Hey, hey! You’re okay, you’re okay now.” She cooed. Nodosum sniffled and brought his gaze up to look at this helpful stranger. She smiled back at him. “What’s your name?”

Nodosum tried to clear his throat. “N-nodosum.” He croaked.

The noodle lady gave a warm smile. “My name is Persephone, and this siorcat is Bean.” She explained, giving Nodosum a pat on the head. “If ever you need anything again, don’t be afraid to ask okay?”

Nodosum’s eyes filled up with tears again. “Okay...” he whimpered.

Persephone was afraid to leave Nodosum to walk home on his own was night. So for the first time since he had left months ago, Nodosum came back to the nursery like all the other orphan daelings his age.


Characters Featured:

Nodosum belong to myself
Marzipan belongs to :iconcaliguican:
Variola belongs to :iconidrawfnaf23:
Persephone and Bean belong to :iconthunderoverwater:
Mordecai belongs to :iconmoonwhisper13:

Devit Count:

Fullbody x3 – 9
Halfbody/Head Shots x4 - 4
Gifts x4 – 4
Shading x3 - 3
Story 750+ words - 3
23/254 New Devit Icon 

If I made an error counting and you notice feel free to let me know.

You can expect me to update this baby if I'm ever streaming my work! 
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To do list;

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-Draw all my characters in marker


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