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Jeeeez.  It's been over a year since I've updated this journal.  Frick and frack.

...umn, not much to say here.  I'm not drawing as often as I'd like, so checking back often probably won't benefit you much.  I'm not in college.  Sorta' working, nothing special.  Occasionally I write stuff, but it's nothing worth reading.  So on, so forth.

My general Deviant Art behavior is as such:

Check out the art of friends.  Little else than that.  Occasionally I'll wander form a friend's favorites out into the aether, but mostly I just check my watch list every once in a while.  I only very rarely comment, and very rarely add anything to my favorites.  This is pretty much how I've acted in every gallery I've been in; I'm not cut out for the social aspect of the art world, I find.
La-dee-da.  Umn...poop.  What do I write again?

I've been on a bit of a drawing spree lately.  Can't say anything for the quality, but it's definitely *more* than I usually draw.

Biggest plan involves a comic I'm working on - Rhapsody is the name it's going by for now.  Ya-dee-dah.
Uploaded some stuff.  Some old, mostly new though.  Hmn.  ...I have so very, *very* little to say here.  Blargh.

Just a reminder - if you use my werewolf icons anywhere, *please* make sure that you write somewhere/tell people/get the word out that they're mine originally.  I don't think I'm asking that much in that, am I?