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VRtism (Virtual Reality Art) by PalomaGouthier VRtism (Virtual Reality Art) by PalomaGouthier

As an artist I have the belief that continuous research and finding the new is paramount for great art, just as Pablo Picasso & Georges Braques, both the creators of "Cubism", I constantly push the boundaries and aim for the most high.

My "VRtism" (Virtual Reality Art) represents the grid work of our consciousness and the framework of our Universe. It is the Matrix in which everything is contained in our three-dimensional being.

There was one scene in "Split" that touched me deeply, the one when the sweet Dr. Fletcher asked "Barry" if he was actually Dennis who she was talking to. At that precise moment, as you know.... Dennis revealed himself.

As beings, our consciousness is primary, it's what we are, and she is also our formulating place in the universe. People make reference to places in the variable formulations afforded by their basic given senses and to multiple ends that in addition to picking out a referent, simultaneously building conceptual common ground about the seen and the unseen. Including moral stances about the social geography and more. Kevin is the perfect example of Human's potential and the darkness that ensues from being human, due to a consciousness intertwined with pain, regrets, fear and sorrow; so enters the negative.

Our limited abilities does not allow us to conceptualize the reality of Kevin, our moral stance is a moot point, while we look at Kevin in all his complexities, our moral stance is also the blind spot that enables us to shrug off the power of our brain while dismissing the infinite bank of information that the consciousness is comprised of. 

foxykuro Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Really enjoyed the movie ^^ Nice piece!
PalomaGouthier Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
Thank you!
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