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Divergence 4 KDE



Divergence 4 KDE

As promised here's the initial release of Divergence 4 KDE. I't a custom QtCurve config and mathing colours to mesh nicely with Divergence Emerald Themes

Emerald Themes
Divergence IV - "A New Hope" (Credits to Jurailmunkey for a great overall theme)
Divergence Inspired (Credits to cainn)

Notes / Requests

  • This is far from perfect and/or complete. I do intend to create a matching Plasma theme so stay tuned

  • Still learning: I'm rather new to all this and therefore there is still much room for improvement. All I ask is for your precious feedback, critiques and sugestions. All are welcome and will be taken into consideration

  • Share: If you in some way improve my theme or think there could be a better way/look then please do share. I would very much appreciate it. That way I can keep improving and updating

  • Enjoy: I hope you enjoy using it as much as I enjoyed making it!! :D

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Very nice port indeed looks very nice, I kinda miss the old Divergence theme for gnome though :-) but I'm hopping ATM so might going KDE full time now :-)