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By palnkton
this drawing came from an old sketch of a page of the akira comic book.. its when kaneda is being swept away by some giant atomic bomb looking explosion thing .. and he is sorta disintegrating in this sorta circuitry eating him away drawing style..

there were a couiple other random otomo katsuhiro drawings on there and from these seeds of sketches i made this drawing,, its in real life about 6 x 4 or so ,, and it took me rougly 25 hours or something...

there are hidden messages in this drawing .. and its called fear because it reminds me of how people look when they give up before they are about to be murdered. or maybe how someone with no hope looks up at another person.. or how zombies look would look at people if zombies were real..
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brilliant, as usual.
awwe thanks you,

are you the segue from livejournal?
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oh yessss!

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looks amazing, the details and renduring are wonderful and the integration is astounding. i applaud you ^_^
thank you very much !
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wow. I'll take it to my fav.
thank you , im glad you liked it ..
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