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alice y su auto.. (calcado jejeje)
hay una foto al fondo del auto(trampa totalmente, lo siento!!! )
me parece que podria ser considerado como una fotomanipulacion, o fotomantaje ya que el auto es una foto calcada y ademas se puede ver. :(



how can you help me? if you make either of these deviations(or both if you like) your favourites, but on ly in the period between 16 of december to the 22nd of the same month(2009)!!!!!!

thanks in advance!!! love ya!
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i have already decided: i want a Porche 911 turbo when i grow up xD
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LOL She got her car! :heart: Beautiful job!
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OMG IT'S ALICE AND HER PORCHE!!!!!!!! XD SHE ROCKS!!!! So does the porche. :P And this drawing! :D
palnk's avatar
:) i kinda cheated with the porsche XD
palnk's avatar
its traced :blush: ant the photo its there... (look at the lights)
im really bad at drawing mechanic stuff. but i really wanted a porsche in the pic :)
AliceCullen-Rox's avatar
Oh. It's still awesome=p Alice is drawn real well.
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hehe thanks XD
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i just creeped and favourited so many pics from this gallery.
you are so talented!
have you read stephenie meyers other book, the host?
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im reading it now heheh but im just starting. im reading it in english wich is not my first lenguage so it might take a while. heheheh
thanks for the compliment!
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ahahaha genial, bueee... a cualquiera le gustaria ese auto no???
PsychoPyro813's avatar
Haha stealing Porsches. Oh, Alice....
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that little thief
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Muy bueno...Sorry my Spanish stinks. :-/ Yeah, it's really good! ^_^
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muy bueno its porfect!!!! thanks!!!!
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es muy fantistico!
I hope I said that right, I'm learning to speak spanish >.<"
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esta muy bien!!! its really good!!1 hehehehe thanks!
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Alice <3 <3 She's my fave char :3
palnk's avatar
:XD: shes cool!!
BellaBlackCullen's avatar
Que pasadaaaaaaaa!!!
Dibujas genial!!!
Ahora me proclamo una de tus fans!
palnk's avatar
wow!!!!!! gracias!!! :XD: sognifica mucho para mi!!!
heart-angel's avatar
whoa! Haha, perfect! (:
MuttAndRoyal's avatar
a yellow 911 yellow porsche :D luv it!!
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