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X Ray love

By palnk
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:) playing with photoshop,again!
Xrays were taken by me. no unneceasary xrays were taken since they were used later for their original purposes. no extra radiation was applied to these people. it is obviously a photoshop manipulation.
i have the subjects permit to use this images (that is, i could find them werever i left them in my messy home, if i searched)

this was on vsauce! hhoh…

copyright of this image is mine... although i know its been posted elsewere, uncredited, oh the internet blessing and curse
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Hello can use this on my tshirts? 
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If its just one, and it is for you. Id be ok with it. If you plan to sell them, then no. Cheers.
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I’m planning on selling them on a small scale and pressing them myself I’m more than willing to give you credit on the shirt as well! I like the art aspect of it and the simplicity and would really love to produce a few shirts with the image. I’m just starting out but I would keep you fully in the loop with everything. But I do understand if it’s a no and I respect that I just wanted to give you a bit more insight!
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hi, oh, then i think i rather not have it sold. im sorry :) good luck
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vsauce anyone ?
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Hey palnk :)

this is a mesmerizing picture and I love it.
I am working on a Project atm and I would love to use your picture.

Is there any way I can contact you to tell you what it is that I am working on?
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super awesome. Can I use this image for personal use in a presentation in class for my radiography program?  I know it is photo shop brut we love X-ray
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Hey this was in a Vsauce video! [link]
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hhoh this is journable Xd ill do that hahaha thnk for letting me know
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oh wow!! awesome! i love Vsauce :)
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Love this image! Wondered if I might use it on my blog with full credit and link to your site? I thought it would be a great illustration for my song (not for sale just for fun) about the end of the world where one's last kiss is also an everlasting kiss...
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hi, thanks!
yeah sure, no problem :)
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...You know, a lot of misconceptions and whatnot would be cleared up on all three websites if you'd:

1. State what the gender of the skulls are to shut up the scientific sides of the argumen
2. State that this is a manipulation. You state that you used two skulls and the hand of a third person, and that no extra radiation nor unnecessary x-rays were taken. (Which, is a bit suspicious considering what other reason besides a medical reason would you have to take a legal x-ray?)

You're not giving any back up response whatsoever besides "I made this" "Aahahaha, I know and you don't!" to their responses. Don't call people stupid for trying to guess something that's pretty reasonable and logical to guess with a bit of digging.

And man, I'm not even going to get started on the "the best way to knowledge is ignorance". Ignorant folks don't consider everything. They're ignorant because they're fixated on a belief and are not willing to look outside of their box to change it. They can change, for sure. But it takes someone kicking and screaming them out.

That being said, if you're going to spend time typing all of that in your Artist Description about this image, actually talk about the image and not how hilarious it is how no one can understand your intentions.
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i think its pretty obvious its a manipulations since the first comment says "playing with photoshop" and it looks awefully like a manip
as for the time i took writting the edits down, yeah well, people do some silly stuff sometimes, i did that cause at that time i got to see a lot of anoying comments and uncredited reposting, so i guess i was fed up, or something. i cant care anymore.
i guess you are right in some aspects. you know.. ill erase the edits, and jsut leave what i wrote in 2009. so people will stop commenting about the scientifc stuff on this picture that was made for fun and has become an internet pain (though i havent heard much of it lately, i thought it was over really.
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It's really nice :)
Great job
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This is random but this reminds me of The Killers 'Bones' music video, [link]
but it really is beautiful :)
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Dear Pal,

I would like to use yourart of two people kissing (X-ray) in a seminar on transgender and (medical) sexchanges. In my perspective the image covers both the stricly physiologic as well as emotional similarities among humans (be it male or female or both). Would you be so kind as to give me permission to use your image? In addition, do you happen to have an uncut (high-res) version (since powerpoint is still 4:3)?

Thank you so much,
Niels Pouw (
not an active member on deviantart
student-researcher at VU medical center of Amsterdam, the Netherlands
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If you don't want something copied and shared then DONT PUT IT ONLINE! If you do dont complain that someone liked it and copied it. It would be different if it were a recognizable picture of you or your family but as you said the people in the pic cannot be identified.
You should be happy that people appreciate your work enough to want to re-post it.
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it doesnt bother me that its been reposted really, i dont like the editing, thats all, and that when its reposted it doesnt have any credit :) most of the times. Also, i should feel however i want want to feel about my art being reposted edited and creditless, and not how YOU think i should i feel.
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Obviously you can feel however you want about it, just as I can point out how childish it is.
I'm just saying were I you, I'd be flattered, I mean your work is really great.
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hehe yeah i guess :)

thanks! :)
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