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Wacom Dreams Contest

By palnk
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there are so many excelent work here on DA, but dreaming is so fun and it is for free, so why not dream a little? :)

this time i only used resources made by me (textures, star brush, bed fabric design and font :)

edit: had to take the signature off cause i just read it cant have distinguishing artist marks (maybe its refering to signature) :)

thanks for every favourite (cause each one counts for me!!! XXDD)
though these are the contest rules: the most "favorites" between 12:00:00 AM (PT) December 16, 2009 and 11:59:59 PM (PT) December 22, 2009 (the "Voting Period".)

second entry: [link]
thanks again!
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Hahaha -awesome!
CaptainPhlenbotinum's avatar
Oh my god! This i exactly what I wished before buying one at $89.99 at a Future Shop. Wacom tabets are awesome!
Flamefeather13's avatar
Awww! This is so awesome! I love it :D I think you should've won.
Dellirriumm's avatar
hahaaaaa epic XDDD
Rathunta's avatar
I really love those stars! I wish my celestial scenes looked a lot more celestial like yours do.
palnk's avatar
heheheh XXD
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xD wow I had that dream, too and I'm drawing with my Intuos4 as we speak lol What kind would you want?
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i bought one just this month! an intuos 4 too!
Rose-Dillinger's avatar
Really?! What size and what do you think of it? =D
palnk's avatar
Rose-Dillinger's avatar
How's it working for you? =D
palnk's avatar
real nice, im still adjusting though
Rose-Dillinger's avatar
Yeah, I had to adjust to it, too. But now, it's like a dream x) I'm glad I decided to get it. I would've gotten the Cintiq, but it was so expensive and it wasn't as pressure sensitive. Plus, I did hear a lot of cons about it.
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this made me LOL :XD: At first I was like: "Oh this is the touchy, dramatic comic," then read the last part: "...OH LOL! Haha." Awesome :XD: I love the drawing too :heart:
palnk's avatar
heheh yes im not the touchy kind XD
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I've had a tablet for ages but I never use it *feels ashamed now*
palnk's avatar
ow!!! send it this way XXDD
luchiiachan's avatar
how do you make your backgrounds? they're always so pretty!
palnk's avatar
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hi! nice work! I hope to make something like this too. Soon. When I have my own wacom bamboo fan. what model of wacom are you using?
palnk's avatar
im a mouse user.
MOMOroxette's avatar
Ohw. ok. thanks for answering. :D
6blue6raven6's avatar
(snicker)...couldn't hurt

*brilliant, simply brilliant!!*
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