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Tris, from Divergent, wearing the black eyeliner :)
Im trying this new painting style a go :) so why not try it with Tris, right? super brave of me XXXDDD

In case you were wondering why her nose is so long, well its described that way.. so.

Character owned by Veronica Roth.

Heres is Four:

Here is Tris and Four on Tumblr
Reblogg from there if you like :)
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Looks like Luna Lovegood.
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extremely well drawn :)
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really nice :3
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Awesome! I also think this looks kind of like LUna Lovegood from harry potter. xD This is done very well! 
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Epic job, i love the tattoos perfect!
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OHMYGOSH! that is awesome!
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Love how you drew her tattoos <3
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amazing! when i read the book i was all like, "huh, i really can't see her as a blonde" but NOW i see it. good job!
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Just like how I imagined her! She's not beautiful, lol. I like that somehow you can imply that she's small without drawing too much of her body :D
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This is exactly how I pictured Tris would look, amazing!!
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I wonder why it took me so long to see this...I enjoy the books and enjoy your art; you'd think I'd have noticed this sooner :XD:
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oh my god, this is perfect.
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so THIS is what she looks like
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ehehe to me she does hehehe
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this is so accurate. Shes not very pretty but the more you look at her, the prettier she gets. long nose, big eyes. its really great.
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You NAILED it!
At long last, someone who followed Veronica Roth's descriptions of Tris from the books!
The nose looks awesome, she doesn't look too old, she's small, her hair is excellent, and her eyes! No one ever gets her eyes right! These are just, brilliant!
"Looking at her is like waking up." -Four.
And those tattoos? Dang, someone give this artist some Dauntless cake!
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Just so you know- the moment I saw these Divergent drawings by you I went out and bought the book. So glad I did! It is so good! Insurgent too! I trust your taste in books lol
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Omg is this absolutely fabulous! Great job!!!!
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Haha I just realised I said is this instead of this is. May I ask what program and brush/setting you use? :D
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