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Pencil Looking Brush



some people asked how i did the somewhat traditional looking, digital art i posted today :) all i did was give differentl setting to a standard photoshop brush to make it look like how the lines of scaned mechanical pencil look on my pc :)

so here is the stanard/default photoshop brush ( i cannot take credit for that) and the brush with the settings i gave ( ill take credit for that)
its a very small brush since it emulates... kinda... a line from a pencil :) you can change the size as every other brush :) but as it gets bigger it gets blurrier.

the brush wont do the job for you, the color blending youll have to do yourself, obviously.

will work MUCH better with Tablet
I hope it works for you, many peopla have told me it does.
No, i wont make a tutorial.
i only know how to make photoshop brushes, and this brush would only work there, i cannot make it for sai, gimp or others! im so sorry!!! im too lazy to learn. (but i think gimp can open any brush... i dont own it, so im not sure)
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