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Netherfield Ball page 3

By palnk
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oh my god! so much text in this part!!! im sorry. next page will be better.

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Darcy's smile.... :squee: YES!!! Love! :D
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I also find your art endearing and enjoyed your series. I do find some of Elizabeth's expressions curious; several seem coy, teasing and flirtitious while she was very frustrated with herself for not being able to refuse Darcy. She is also frustrated at Darcy for his earlier silence and lack of charm and warmth, still angry at him for having slighted her at the assembly dance and furious with him for his history with Wickham. Are you seeing some unconcious attraction in Lizzy toward Darcy or possibly an alternate re-writing of this section for fun; or am I just misinterpreting her body language as how I might have wished it had been?
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i always thought lizzy fancied darcy a bit even though she finds him proud first, but she once said that his pride could be forgiven if he hadnt hurt hers, i think she means that he has a lot going on for mhim :)
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hello,i totally love your art ^^i would like to know if do you mind if a copy only the text from this pages for my story please?
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well they are mostly from the jane austen book pride and prejudice, so i guess you can.. since she is long dead (i took some of the movie too)
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oh ok thank you very much ^^
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Wow, you do such a good job of still making the drawing beautiful and the scenes blend together so seamlessly while staying true to the heavy dialogue! Awesome job! :heart:
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thank you!!! so much text in this part!! it was kinda anoying XD
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You're welcome! :hug:

Oh, well, you managed to pull it off flawlessly. :heart:
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Beautifully done!! I love your depictions of the characters! Pride and Prejudice will always be a very favorite of mine.
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You make such amazing backgrounds...
and all of this fits brilliantly!

Great work! ;3
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Love are so talented,...´
Pleas don't stop..
Love ur art
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i wont!
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Really nice! I love how you kept the dialog as it perceived in the book. Your depictions of Darcy and Elizabeth are very excellent.
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