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Lizzys Artistic Skills

By palnk
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I figured out that if theres so many extra books of Pride and Prejudice written by other authors.... i was entitled to do an extra comic.

sketches + manga tone and some textures. its kinda long for me to color or draw more carefully XXDD

tell me if there are misspelled words of phrases that sound weird... you know english is not first languaje. :)
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That is sooooooo cute! Love love love!!!!
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tell me, how have you managed to make P&P even more romantic?Love 
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This was hilarious and sweet.  Well done!
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You drew this so marvelously, and the exchange between Elizabeth and Darcy here is so witty. The humor is subtle and the overall effect is quite pleasantly sweet. This is a delightful and charming comic. Nicely done..: giggle :. 
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This is adorable, I love it. Though her drawing skills sadly remind me of my own...guess I'll just have to find someone as wonderful as your Darcy.
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This is so cute and wonderful. I love this, so much.
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eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek Supernatural OMG  that is so perfectttttt (Fangirl mode) Yvette Avatar- Fangirl In Love 
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This is too cute for words!
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you want to kill me with this!! :heart:
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If it's not a bother, may I create a fanfiction based on this comic of yours?
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 cool, sure, just credit, k?
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You are very accomplished ;)
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I don't even have words....
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Cute <3
I loved reading this :)
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I freakin' LOVE this!! Great job!
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It's really cool when people do fanart for scenes that we get to see, but it's art like THIS that I love - the everyday moments not mentioned in the books.
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Awww! Lizzy and Darcy, so darned cute!
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