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Lena Duchannes

how very expected of me... i read a book and then i have to fanart it :) .
This is Lena Duchannes from Beautiful Creatures book. I feel kind of sorry for her, i wont tell anythig else in case you wanna read it.
Shes supposed to be a pretty, kinda emo girl, with almost unhumanly huge green eyes. Dark long wavy hair, dark nails, pale skin, a charms necklace (of which you can only see the chain here) and a small notebook written in black shapie. As many teenage books heroines, shes the new girl in a small and boring town school, a town that hides many secrets, as small boring towns only do in fiction books.

the boy from the book:
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Wow, that is very beautiful ! 
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What a breathtaking portrait of the green eyed beauty. Vastly different than the one chosen to portray her in the movie, and yet so much more on point.
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This is so beautiful! Looks like the real Lena! It's not like they could just dye the hair of the girl that has been cast for the role.. Oh wait they can, but just chose not to. -.-
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I love your image I posted it on the site - [link]
Please let me know if that's a problem.
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Oh thank god I'm seeing the real Lena. After seeing her actress...I was so upset.
Great, just great job!! :)
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who is playing her?
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Alice Englert, I believe is how you say her name. Her hair is brown -.-
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hehe hair can be colored
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lol yeaah, but she didn't even do anything to it.
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Oh and Beautiful Picture, (pun intended).
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I don't know my small southern town is pretty strange, we've got an old slave grave yard nobody will talk about, their is a wierd trapdoor in the ground in the property my dad owns out in the wood, apopulation of mutant flying bugs (that everyone blames on the college twenty miles away, everyone raises peacocks (not jokeing), and a arsonist that went around burning a bunch of churches claiming (when they finally caught him) that the devil told him to do it. And quite a few wicans (one of whom is a friend in my French class). I'm thinking of writing a story based out of my town.
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this is really good!! I like how you put the numbers in the background-good thinking:)
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lenas pale though
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Amazing that's just how I pictured her to be. Well Done:)
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Holy Jeez this is awesome! I love Lena and Beautiful Creatures :] great job!
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love it!!! all i can say..... ^^
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