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i tried to make it look like a vector piece, even though im not really shure what vector art consist on, and as is often do i forgot arm anthomy and draw non existant muscles, sorry.

Ethan Wate from Beautiful Creatures.
As far as im in the book theres no much physical description of this guy.

Hes the popular guy at his school and the narrator of the book . For a weird reason he notices really girly stuff like different types of prom dresses and colors etc... Im shure most 16 year old guys dont even notice a girl is even wearing a dress! and a boy would never know weird colour names, cause for most (non artistic) men there are only seven colours.
The last fact makes it diffcult to remember d book its actually narrated by the basketball star. Being a teenage boy, Ethan "speaks" very nicely too, but this is probably intended since he is the son of a librarian and a avid reader himself.

Again, as other teenage fiction heroes, he falls for the socially challenged, weird and "different" new girl, wich gets him in a load of trouble.
its a nicely written book though :) very nice.
the girl:
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