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Characters from the book Fangirl belong to Rainbow Rowell ;)

On Tumblr (please do not repost, reblogg from here, yes?)…

edit:  so i kept reading...and my image changed a bit :) i shall do another fanart! oh yeah..maybe more. ive got a simon sketch...maybe ill finish that too :)
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I've been searching EVERYWHERE for another Fangirl fan! I FINALLY FOUND ONE! WOOOOO!
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OMG It's them! How did you do this? So awesome! :heart:
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I love Fangirl, and this was so awesome to see. They both look exactly like Rowell described. Good job.
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this is so lovely!<3
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I love this! You did a great job with them :)
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omg I thought I was the only who read the books and thought about drawing them! So great to know you that you were interested in the book so much to write this. I actually wrote a VERY short fanfic based on Cath and Reagan while reading the book ^^ this made me happy
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wow berry nice! :D 
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I loved this book so much
I reread it 5 times

So Ooooooh goooooooooooood
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I'm friggering in love with this. This is so amazing. Please make more
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WOW!!! This is utterly beautiful. I am in love with this art. You really have captivated your audience with the palette and the you really need me to go on about how amazing you probably already now that (if you don't, read my other comments). Basically, THIS IS AMAZING!!!!!!!
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I love your drawing style :) I just found you on tumblr and I'm so glad I did. This is amazing, I love the book so much, I couldn't put it away.
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me encantaaaaaa. leí el libro hace días, es increíble cómo puedes hacer que tengan la misma cara y luzcan tan diferentes, eres una gran artista *w*
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Very nicely done! I must confess I bought this book, but I haven't read it yet. :) This has me interested again though.
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oh do1 its  fun
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Que lindas quedaron¡¡¡¡¡¡
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I adore this book. It's my second-favorite of hers. <3
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I love the way you drew them. I got the book from the library and it was due before I got a chance to finish it so I will just have to wait. :)
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oh that sucks! hope ypu get it soon!!!
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