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Austen Boys

Jane Austen drool club :)
Coronel Brandon, Captain Wentworth, Mr Wickham, Mr Darcy, Mr knightley, Edmund Bertram, Edward Ferras, Mr Tilney, Chrales Bingley.

why is wickham there!!! heheh hes bad!!!
edward ferras is described as plain looking in the book.. but for some reason i imagine him more handsome than hes supposed to be.



how can you help me? if you make either of these deviations(or both if you like) your favourites, but on ly in the period between 16 of december to the 22nd of the same month(2009)!!!!!!

thanks in advance!!! love ya!
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I have seen Emma and Pride and Prejudice so its between Mr. Knightley and Mr. Darcy
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Darcy's looking at Wickham like he wants to kill a bitch. Accurate ;)
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I can't believe I knew Darcy at first glance! =D He has that air about him...

So wonderful.
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haha cool!!!!!!!!
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what about Mr.Collins xD lets all face it, he looks like a squirrel
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They are exactly how I imagine! Your Austen girls, too!
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They all look so gorgeous! Love your Mr. Darcy, Mr. Tilney and Captain Wentworth.
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i love Jane Auten boys! i mean i only know Edward Ferras, Coronel Brandon, Mr Knightley and Henry Tilney, but i am probably gonna like the other ones too! xD
Ohh they look so gorgeous, if i could choose one of them i couldn´t because i love them all! maybe not Wickham, he´s not boyfriend material but he is good looking. Love your work! And love Jane Austen.
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Where's Willoughby? Even though I can't stand him.

Edward Ferrars looks best here but my real favorite is probably Captain Wentworth or Darcy or Knightley...
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It is beautiful! Though I see one disturbing thing:
How can Darcy be taller than mr Knightley DD:
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I like to imagine Wickham as he is portrayed in Lost in Austen, that way he is much nicer and I can drool ocher him without feeling guilty.
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OMG*hotness overload*
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mr. darcy is hot :D
I love it :love:
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I love this drawing!
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Oh geez. *swoon* :D

Great job!
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