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Wedding day

By pallottili
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Another pic about Vegeta and Bulma wedding day...
I'm such a romantic girl, I know...everytime I look at this pic I'm like ----> *__*
I love this pairing so much.... :heart:

I hope you like it! ^^

All characters are (c) Akira Toriyama
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Trunks is so confused right now.
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BernaleahHobbyist Artist
I like it, I've always wanted to see how were Vegeta and Bulma getting married after all in DBS there were calling each other husband and wife. I'm happy to see at least one of the pic.
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Vegeta, probably nervous because Bulma told him about the "Wedding Night" :XD:
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Only thing missing is an Angel-Goku leaning against the Bell-Tower and saying, "Go get'em, Best Buddy."
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With the TFS Voice? :XD:
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well done this looks great
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PrinceVegetaOfficialHobbyist Writer
We're very white. 
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SophiaTigerpfoteHobbyist General Artist
Oh Vegeta is soooo happy :p ^_^
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Frappe7Hobbyist Digital Artist
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Wolfdrums19Hobbyist General Artist
You know I hate that they never showed this...I think people have stated the sayians had a totally different way of how they express love and wedlock. Least it would have been interesting to see how Vegeta would act and him tell how this kind of stuff went down for their race!
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This-Chick-Does-ArtProfessional Digital Artist
There's always someone judging at a wedding. I see you Chi-chi.
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dannyd67Hobbyist Digital Artist
love it. ^^
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I love it, I bet Vegeta just doesn't want to show that he's having fun
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NeonWarpdriveProfessional General Artist
Not sure why but I feel like this will play at the wedding:… Is that weird?
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basicbeyondHobbyist Traditional Artist
yamacha came to his Ex's wedding? 
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fitting, he´s always been a cuck
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LioSKETCHHobbyist Digital Artist
D'awww, it's nice to see Vegeta actually being a caring husband for once in his damn life.

Also, Toriyama needs to hurry up and drop the hint that Bulla's on the way, because dangit we need more girl Saiyans than just Pan! X<
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DirtyDave50Student Traditional Artist
Ha! Like he'd ever agree to this. Cute drawing though
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Why is Chichi angry? xD
Awww Goten *-*
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I don't think Chi-Chi's angry she is just sad because Goku is dead at this point and Bulma's wedding is reminding her or her and Goku's  
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kiarastarzHobbyist General Artist
this is very sweet!
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Bulma in white *pfft*
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I'll admit, Vegeta looks kinda hot in a suit. 
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Dendo aww  This is so wonderful. Vegeta blushing is just about the cutest thing. 

ChiChi should've stayed home. She looks so jealous and bitterlaughing 
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